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  • Spring Fashion Guide: Tall Guy’s Edition

    This year, we’ve got you covered with some of the trendiest spring clothing for the vertically inclined. Take a look at this guide on how to step into the new season with a fresh new wardrobe.
  • 4 Ways Tall Guys Can Style A T-Shirt

    The t-shirt has become a staple of nearly everyone’s wardrobe at this point in 2022. It is arguably the most versatile piece of clothing as it can host just about any design imaginable. We’ve got a few tips to offer you to get the most out of your wardrobe. The simple t-shirt has a lot more behind it than meets the eye. 


  • Quality Vs Quantity: 4 Tips for Tall Men to Choose the Best Clothes

    For some taller men, clothes shopping is such a hassle that they become less picky about what they shop for. Settling for anything that fits should not be anyone’s fashion reality. Check out these tips for tall men to choose the best clothes for your body.
  • 3 Styling Tips for Guys Who Are Into Beanies

    Beanies are mostly thought of as a winter essential first, fashion item second. Even though hats keep your head warm, they can be treated as pieces of fashion, too. With the right look, a beanie can make for a fantastic accessory. Here are some of the best tips on wearing beanies for men.
  • Jeans for Tall Guys: 3 Tips to Find Your Perfect Fit

    Finding the right-fitting clothes is a challenge for everyone. Although, this is especially challenging for tall men and women. Fortunately, there are some tips to finding the perfect fit in many types of clothes and you can continue reading to find out what these are. 
  • 5 Winter Style Trends that Look Great on Tall Men

    Combining style and warmth is not always the easiest thing to do, and it becomes even trickier for tall individuals. Thankfully, if you are a tall man who knows how to dress, there are some ways you can effectively dress for the season—in ways that work well with your height. Here are some men’s winter fashion tips for taller men this season.

  • Tall Men: How to Pull Off the Skater Style

    The skate and surf scene of the 80s and 90s has left a permanent mark on the world of men’s style, but it can be difficult for tall men (like you and I) to find shirts and pants for tall guysWith Heights Apparel, you will be able to channel your inner skater persona with ease, and never again have to worry about whether clothes ordered online will fit correctly once they arrive. Read more to add more drip to your skater style.
  • Tall Men: 3 Outfit Ideas For Date Night

    For tall men, choosing what to wear on a first date can be daunting, as some clothing items simply do not fit the way that you would wish. For this reason, we at Heights Apparel have put together three first-date outfit ideas for tall men.
  • Online Shopping for Tall Men: How to Find Clothes that Fit You Well

    With so many awkward situations that tall men may find themselves in, shopping for clothes that are stylish and comfortable to wear should not be an issue, right? Well, the truth is that men’s clothing stores, as well as online clothing stores for men, simply do not provide an adequate selection of pants and shirts for tall guys.
  • Timeless Basics that Are a Must-Have for Tall Men

    When it comes to tall mens clothing, practicality is key. Even if a guy finds a shirt that he loves, it would be impractical to purchase it if the fit is inadequate. Unfortunately, many tall men have to settle in order to find clothes that they can wear comfortably.
  • How Tall Guys Survive Shirt Shrinking Struggles

    As a tall man, you know how it goes when trying to buy clothing for tall men, even for something simple like a t-shirt. You get an XL since you know it will be long enough. But, as always, it shrinks too much; now it’s the right width...but it’s the length of a crop top. You can’t count how many great shirts you have lost this way. The struggle is real! 
  • Tall Men's Fashion: 5 Must-Avoid Styling Mistakes

    Let’s face it — as a tall guy, building a fashionable, timeless wardrobe is more of a challenge than you’d think. There’s much more effort involved in the shopping experience for tall men’s clothing, and it can be frustrating! We’ve got a few tips on what you should avoid while shopping and getting dressed. Read on!