How Tall Guys Survive Shirt Shrinking Struggles

How Tall Guys Survive Shirt Shrinking Struggles


As a tall man, you know how it goes when trying to buy clothing for tall men, even for something simple like a t-shirt. You get an XL since you know it will be long enough. Then you try to go home and shrink it in the dryer so it’s not so dang wide. But, as always, it shrinks too much; now it’s the right width...but it’s the length of a crop top. You can’t count how many great shirts you have lost this way. The struggle is real! 

We know how frustrating it can be to experience this time and time again. That’s why we design shirts that are specifically built for tall men but don’t sacrifice fit, style, or comfort. While you’re waiting for your order of new shirts from Heights Apparel to arrive, we’ll give you some tips in the meantime to help you deal with shirt shrinking struggles. 

If you're tall, finding clothes can be a hassle.

Add a Layer

Here’s the quickest fix for surviving a shrunken shirt situation: throw a layer over it. A zip-up hoodie, button-up blazer, flannel, or pretty much anything that closes at the bottom. With this type of layer, your exposed midriff will be covered. Poof! What shrunken shirt?


Unshrink It

Sometimes we can unshrink clothes depending on the type of fabric. According to (sounds reliable!), you can follow these six steps to unshrink your shirt:


  1. Fill a sink/plastic bucket with room temperature water
  2. Pour ¼ cup of conditioner into the sink/bucket; thoroughly mix the conditioner into the water
  3. Lay the shrunken shirt on the surface of the water then evenly push it down to submerge; let soak for 15 minutes
  4. Empty the sink/bucket and refill with clean, cool water. Squeeze the shirt to get rid of the conditioner water; let sit in the new water for 5 minutes. Repeat until the conditioner is gone.
  5. Squeeze as much water out of the shirt as possible. Lay the shirt on a towel. With one hand on the neckline, use the other hand to pull down the hem, moving left to right to lengthen the shirt evenly.
  6. Now start stretching the sleeves. Keep one hand on the shoulder of the shirt while pulling the sleeve down to create length. Move around the opening of the sleeve for an even stretch.


We hope this guide on how to unshrink clothes was helpful! And if not, then take it as a sign that you need to start purchasing clothes that are specifically designed for tall people.

Move On!

Sometimes, unshrinking clothes is not worth it. Toss all those shrunken shirts. Stop wasting your money on clothes that don’t fit correctly. Squash the delusion that your XL shirts won’t be too wide for your lean build. Focus on brands that create style for tall skinny guys. These stores sell plain t-shirts, graphic tees, short-sleeve button downs, and other stylish shirts to meet your tall man needs.


With clothing for tall men from Heights Apparel, you won’t have to spend any extra time getting your clothing to fit. Our clothes combine perfect fit, attractive style, all-day comfort, and long-lasting quality all at once. With us, we ensure you won’t be worrying about shrunken shirts!


How Tall Guys Survive Shirt Shrinking Struggles


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