Online Shopping for Tall Men: How to Find Clothes that Fit You Well

Shirts For Tall Guys


It’s safe to say that just about every guy wouldn't mind adding a few extra inches to his height. However, tall men actually experience more difficulties in their day-to-day activities than average-height men. Although we live in a society where taller guys are viewed as more macho than their shorter counterparts, one would think that the world around them would adapt and become more inclusive to taller individuals. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and as a result, tall men—meaning guys with a height of six feet or more, have a hard time choosing chairs, cars, and even homes. 

With so many awkward situations that tall men may find themselves in, shopping for clothes that are stylish and comfortable to wear should not be an issue, right? Well, the truth is that men’s clothing stores, as well as online clothing stores for men, simply do not provide an adequate selection of pants and shirts for tall guys.

For these reasons, we at Heights Apparel have made it our mission to supply tall men with clothes that will fit perfectly and look great. To help guys out when shopping online, we also compiled some tips for finding the ideal clothing—without fear of purchasing the wrong size.  

Don’t Purchase Without Measuring 

Of course, this should be a no-brainer. When you are looking at potential outfits online, make sure you check that the measurements match those of your body. For average guys, small, medium, and large are adequate measurements in finding the proper fit, but when you are over six feet tall, a large may work in terms of width but be far too short. Therefore, an extra-large would be the only viable option. By measuring beforehand, you can have an idea of the way that the piece of clothing will fit, before wasting time and money. 

Layer to Add Depth

When a guy is exceptionally tall, a regular t-shirt, no matter the size, may still appear awkward when you move a certain way, such as raising your arms. Plus, when you’re inevitably asked to grab something from a high shelf, a shorter t-shirt may ride up and expose too much skin. In order to offset this, different layers of clothing should be incorporated into your outfit. For example, by adding a button-down flannel or vest to your awkwardly sized t-shirt, the overall outfit will appear more natural and form-fitting. So, when you are browsing shirts online, consider purchasing an additional layer of clothing to complement your shirt with another layer of depth. 

Avoid Mainstream Brands

Unfortunately, most men’s trendy clothing brands simply do not accommodate individuals who are over a certain height—and if they do, the fit is awkward and can feel uncomfortable. Therefore, avoid the hassle altogether by shopping at online stores that supply clothes made specifically for tall men, such as Heights Apparel. By choosing this method of purchasing clothes online, there is no worry that the clothes will come in too small, as all of our clothing—from shirts and jackets to shorts and jeans—will fit right the first time. Gone are the days of waiting to receive clothes that are too small, only to send them back and begin the process all over again.

Shirts For Tall Guys

Heights Apparel

We at Heights Apparel saw the absence in the market of clothes designed to adequately fit tall men, which is why we inventory a wide range of apparel that will fit correctly the first time. When you are ready to switch to a clothing brand that offers high-quality materials and trendy styles that are guaranteed to fit—no matter your height, then check out our full selection of clothes for tall guys.


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Online Shopping for Tall Men: How to Find Clothes that Fit You Well


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