Jeans for Tall Guys: 3 Tips to Find Your Perfect Fit

Jeans for Tall Guys: 3 Tips to Find Your Perfect Fit

Jeans for Tall Guys: 3 Tips to Find Your Perfect Fit

Finding the right-fitting clothes is a challenge for everyone. Although, this is especially challenging for tall men and women. Much of the time, clothes are not made with these outliers in mind. Historically, many tall men used to special-order their tall jeans so that they would have the proper fit. While the market for tall men has certainly improved these days, it can still be difficult to find the right fit. Fortunately, there are some tips to finding the perfect fit in many types of clothes and you can continue reading to find out what these are. 

Some Brands Offer More Options Than Others

When it comes to clothing for tall men, some larger brands tend to offer much better options than others. Depending on exactly what size is needed, several name brands actually offer jeans for tall men. For instance, Levi’s offers 32x38 jeans for tall men and Wrangler has jeans up to even 30x40. Of course, many of these larger sizes may be harder to find normally stocked in some stores and may need to be ordered online. 

Shop Around for Tall Men’s Jeans and Shirts

It can be tempting to just go with what looks somewhat decent or kind of fits. This is understandable since it is often hard to find clothes that really fit well. But, there is nothing wrong with shopping around, especially when you are not in desperate need of clothes. Don’t be afraid to put something back if it doesn’t fit right. Check online with several stores and send it back if it is not the right fit. The internet has made it much easier to shop around, so you should not have to settle with something that is constantly uncomfortable when you wear it. 

Check Specialty Shops

There are more big-and-tall men’s stores out there than ever, which has made finding these types of clothes much more convenient. In the past, the problem with these types of stores was that they did not have much fashion-wise and the options were often quite plain. Nowadays, more modern and fashion-oriented types of clothing can easily be found for even tall men. Once you have tried these specialty shops, you may find that you never want to go anywhere else. 

Looking for Great Looking Clothes for Tall Men?

Clothing For tall Guys

If you have had trouble finding modern or good-looking clothes for tall men, then we are here to help. We created Heights Apparel to offer clothing for tall men that actually looks great and fits right. It will only take one browse of our site to see that we aim to make the clothes you see in normal stores, but that will fit right for your size. Feel free to contact us through our Facebook page with any questions that you may have. 


Heights Apparel has some great men’s winter outfits specifically tailored to tall men. Check out Heights’ Northbound Collection for a range of items that you can wear with confidence this winter season, to stay comfortable and stylish. Begin the chilliest days of winter with the perfect wardrobe: one suitable to your exceptional height. 


Jeans for Tall Guys: 3 Tips to Find Your Perfect Fit

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