Tall Men: How to Pull Off the Skater Style

Tall Men: How to Pull Off the Skater Style

Let’s face it, if you are a man with above-average height, then you are already winning in life. It seems that all guys spend the majority of their early teenage years fixated on achieving a height that begins with the number six. You have already achieved this feat desired by so many others, and you tower over other men—let’s call them “little fellas”—while going about your daily life. Just make sure you walk with an extra sense of confidence and purchase clothes designed for taller guys. 


The skate and surf scene of the 80s and 90s has left a permanent mark on the world of men’s style, but it can be difficult for tall men (like you and I) to find shirts and pants for tall guys. With Heights Apparel, you will be able to channel your inner skater persona with ease, and never again have to worry about whether clothes ordered online will fit correctly once they arrive.

Skater Style Tips for Tall Guys

Skater Style Tips for Tall Men

Relaxed Fits

When you are in the skatepark, there is only one thing that truly matters when it comes to clothing: practicality. The act of skating itself is tiresome and requires a lot of physical exercise. Without the proper attire, skaters will soon be drenched in sweat, which is why a more relaxed fit has been adopted in the culture of skating.

This is the history that has led to the baggy shirts, tank tops, sweaters, and jeans that have become such a staple in skater clothes. Tall guys can achieve this look as well, but measurements must be conducted beforehand. Sometimes a larger size is required, but, we repeat, it is crucial that you have an idea of your measurements before you purchase the clothes. 

Graphic Tees and Iconic Logos

The culture of skating is rooted deeply in individual creativity, which makes graphic tees with iconic logos a cornerstone in the lives of all skaters. With your tall-guy measurements in mind, you are ready to build a look that shows your uniqueness. Whether the design is of your favorite band or a provocative slogan does not matter. As long as the clothes you wear represent your individual style, then your look is a success. Add another layer in the form of a flannel, and you’re ready for the skatepark or a night out. 

Skater Style Tips For Tall guys

Wide Shoes

Of course, when skating, any old style of shoe will not suffice. Actually, if you wear the wrong type of shoe, such as sandals, you could end up off your board and with a broken ankle. For this reason, flat, wide-bottomed trainers are ideal for skaters to maintain the maximum amount of traction on their board. Even if you are simply adopting the style without the skater lifestyle, shoes that have these characteristics are important for the desired look.  


Finally, a baseball cap, bucket hat, or beanie can add an additional dimension to your look, and truly portray your skater-boy style. If you opt for shorts, throw on some black or white tube socks to accentuate your shoes, and, just like that, you have mastered the iconic skater look with ease. 


While fashion for men does not have to be difficult, we at Heights Apparel understand how frustrating it is for tall men to find clothes that have their desired fit. To shop our line of clothes for tall skinny guys, please see our full inventory on our website.


Tall Men: How to Pull Off the Skater Style

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