4 Ways Tall Guys Can Style A T-Shirt




The t-shirt is a staple in any person's wardrobe. It is arguably the most versatile piece of clothing as it can host just about any design imaginable. For those boasting a larger than average height, there are plenty of t-shirts specially designed to accommodate taller bodies. It’s only a matter of time before you’ve got a solid supply of the best t-shirts for tall guys. With all of these shirts on hand, there’s more you can do beyond simply slipping them on. We’ve got a few tips to offer you to get the most out of your wardrobe. The simple t-shirt has a lot more behind it than meets the eye. 


1. Getting the Best Shirts for Tall Guys

Have you recently realized your supply of shirts could use a bit of updating? Finding the right place to buy the best t-shirts for tall guys can be difficult. Thankfully, you’re in the right spot. There are plenty of great places that specialize in clothes for especially tall people, including us! Once you’ve found your supplier, you’re going to start wondering what you can do with all your new t-shirts. The best shirts for tall guys will require the best tips on how to style them, after all.

Remember that a simple t-shirt can look great in many ways, especially for tall people. Try a comfortable t-shirt alone or as an undershirt with an open flannel over it. Roll up the sleeves or pair it with a bandana for a different look. There are many simple ways to make the classic t-shirt more interesting, and it stands on it’s own as well.



2. Loose Shirts for Tall Guys, Tight Pants

A good way to approach your general style choices is to look for some degree of contrast. No, this isn’t saying to go as bold as having contrasting patterns. What we’re talking about is tight versus loose. A common trend these days is to see a larger and loose hanging shirt paired with a tighter pair of pants or shorts. By tight, to clarify, we mean tapered and uniform. There’s no reason to sacrifice comfort after all.

For instance, try our Signature Tall T-shirt in our newest color "Eden". The new color "Eden" is the perfect spring and summer color, meaning delight and happiness. Use this luxurious tall tee and throw it with a pair of slim jeans or above-the-knee shorts. No reason to be shy. Stay trendy and comfy at the same time with this easy to put together combination.

3. Tucked-In

The ‘90s are back! I can't believe I'm getting the write this, but yes they are. This means collars galore, bright colors, high-top shoes, too many accessories, cuffed everything, and you guessed it: tucked-in shirts. Moving away from the looser style mentioned above, a great go-to option for anyone looking to get more out of their great collection of shirts is to tuck your shirt in. It can be paired with a belt or no belt, cuffed pants, a nice pair of jeans, and a stylish pair of shoes. Keep this option in mind when you’re looking for a quick and stylish option to add a nice flair to your favorite t-shirt. 

4. Sharing is Caring

While this article is about shirts for tall guys, that doesn’t restrict them to only being worn by guys. Many of our shirts are designed for tall guys of course, but we know that your lady partner, if you have one, will love to steal them when she gets the chance. A great style for girls to try with shirts for taller guys is to try cinching it around the waist with a hair tie or scrunchy. Again, while another retro look, it’s an easy option for a little extra spice with this simple clothing article.

Tips for Greater Fashion Heights

Now you’ve got some great tips for your t-shirt collection and you’ll need an even better supplier. Heights Apparel is here to keep you stocked and ready for any fashion situation. Take your wardrobe to new heights with our fantastic selection of the best t-shirts for tall guys. 


Lifestyle clothing for tall guys that won't fall apart or shrink after a single wash. We care about quality, comfort, and timeless style.
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