Finding tall men's clothing has been a lifelong challenge for Founder and Designer Scott Warren. After being disappointed by the options, even within the tall apparel niche, he decided to create his own. Heights Apparel does not come from a templated format like many other brands out there. Scott worked directly with the fashion industry veterans of FABRIC Fashion Incubator and taught himself the design and manufacturing process. 

 Use these personas to also assist you in finding the right size:

Scott is 6'7'' and weighs 205lb.
As the designer of Heights Apparel, he designed the Large Tall (LT) using his body as the base for this size. The LT is ideal for slim cut guys who are between 6'5 and 6'8.  
Matt is 6'10'' and weighs 210lb.
While Matt has a slightly broader frame than Scott, Matt also enjoys a slightly looser fitting shirt. The X-Large Tall (XLT) is a great choice for Matt as it provides more room with a slightly wider chest without too much excess fabric. The XLT is the choice for slim cut guys who are between 6'6 and 6'10.
Leo is 6'3''and weighs 173lb.
Leo fits perfectly in our Medium Tall (MT) shirts. He has a longer torso, so the added length to the MT shirts ensures it will not not become a belly shirt, even when you raise your arms. The MT is ideal for slim cut guys who are between 6'2' and 6'4. Still unsure about what size you are? Contact for assistance before buying.
Heights Apparel is not about a copy and paste formula. Our shirts for tall guys have been engineered and crafted from the ground up. Nearly two years of in-depth learning and research has gone into the construction of our patterns, to ensure that the length and width are crafted with the tall slim cut guy in mind. 
As a small startup, we understand that these patterns will evolve over time as we launch new apparel categories and absorb the feedback from the people that matter most, our customers. As we grow this brand and evolve, our mission is to be able to fit tall guys of all body types. We're just getting started!