5 Winter Style Trends that Look Great on Tall Men

Winter Fashion Tips For Taller Men

Winter clothing needs to pull double duty as something that is both fashionable and practical. Looking and feeling good is always a desirable trait in clothing, but winter outfits also need to keep you warm. Combining style and warmth is not always the easiest thing to do, and it becomes even trickier for tall individuals. Thankfully, if you are a tall man who knows how to dress, there are some ways you can effectively dress for the season—in ways that work well with your height. Here are some men’s winter fashion tips for taller men this season.


Mammoth Flannel Jacket

Dressing in Layers

Adding bulk to your outfit can be an effective way to draw the eye away from verticality. You can hide some of your height in plain sight by adding layers to your outfit, and thankfully, layers are a necessity in colder winter climates. Tall men on the slim side should be especially attentive to bulkier winter outfits. A nice dress coat, scarves, and other pieces can add a great splash of style for the season, so that you can stay comfortable with confidence. 

Consider this: The Heights Signature Tall Tee is a great base layer to start with. Not only is it super buttery soft and comfortable, the sustainable materials come with added traits to help keep your body temperature regulated in both hot and cold conditions.


5 Winter Style Trends that Look Great on Tall Men

Long Coats

Coats are not only an effective way to add layers, but they can also help to complement your height. Trench coats or other long coats that extend below the waist can help to disguise your length to help create a comfortable seasonal outfit.

Horizontal Stripes

Another way to add bulk to any outfit is horizontal stripes. While vertical stripes will only serve to accentuate the vertical dimension of your outfit, horizontal stripes can mask it. Plaid shirts are always fashionable in winter, so a good men’s winter wardrobe for taller guys could feature sets of nice plaid shirts, each of which should have a heavier emphasis on horizontal lines in the pattern.

5 Winter Style Trends that Look Great on Tall Men

Break Up the Fabric

Anything that can break up a garment into visual sections can help your garments from appearing too stretched out. This is one of the benefits of suit jackets and stripes. Other ways to add visual breaks to winter outfits for men include buttons or shirt pockets. These features will subtract from any empty swaths of fabric on a garment and keep you feeling confident about the way you look.

Add Contrast

Similar to breaking up a single garment with features like buttons or pockets, tall men’s winter outfits should try to use contrasting garments between top and bottom—and across different layers. Wearing one color, fabric, or pattern from top to bottom will fail to disguise your height and can give your outfit a stretched-out feel to it. Mixing up the colors and fabrics can be a great way to feel good about the way you look.

Heights Apparel has some great men’s winter outfits specifically tailored to tall men. Check out Heights’ Northbound Collection for a range of items that you can wear with confidence this winter season, to stay comfortable and stylish. Begin the chilliest days of winter with the perfect wardrobe: one suitable to your exceptional height. 


5 Winter Style Trends that Look Great on Tall Men

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