Timeless Basics that Are a Must-Have for Tall Men

There are certain items of clothing that every man should incorporate into his wardrobe. While these items help enhance the overall look of an outfit, they prove to increase its practicality as well. When it comes to tall mens clothing, practicality is key. Even if a guy finds a shirt that he loves, it would be impractical to purchase it if the fit is inadequate. Unfortunately, many tall men have to settle in order to find clothes that they can wear comfortably.

However, there are essentials for men that can be used to make an entire outfit more functional, comfortable, and stylish. 


Timeless Basics that Are a Must-Have for Tall Men


Some trends come and go, and some remain a part of the fashion culture forever. Flannels are certainly one of these timeless pieces of men’s clothing that is here to stay. For tall men, flannels prove to be exceedingly helpful in diverting attention away from their tall stature, as these shirts are typically made to be longer than average. In addition to the practical nature of flannels, they also offer ample opportunity for creating many different unique looks. A flannel can come in an array of different colors, all while maintaining the design that guys have come to love. So, if worse comes to worst, you could wear a different-color flannel every day and still be just as stylish and comfortable as a guy of average height with endless apparel choices.

Shirts Without Vertical Stripes

There comes a time when you have to accept the fact that, yes, you are very tall, and no, you cannot wear stripes. Typically, any shirt with lines or designs that extend downward will create the illusion of additional height. Of course, we at Heights Apparel believe in being your authentic, tall self in all situations, so if you are an avid lover of stripes, by all means, stripe on. However, the best t-shirts for men of an above-average height are predominantly solid in color, for the purpose of appearing less elongated and more even. 

Pants For Tall Guys

Straight-Cut Jeans

This is another example of an essential that all tall men should have in their wardrobe. Pants for tall guys are especially hard to come by but, straight-cut jeans are the go-to alternative to any other style of jeans. Short guys may be able to pull off the super skinny look, but when it comes to men over six feet tall, skinny jeans may not be the most flattering choice of clothes; when a tall guy wearing skinny jeans goes through the motions of walking, their legs may appear exceptionally long and awkward. Again, this is entirely a matter of preference and practicality, so the choice is up to you.  


Ties For Tall Men

Long Ties

Tall men may also find it difficult to purchase ties that fit correctly. Ties that are made for men of average height are impractical for tall guys, as these ties will most likely not extend as far down as the belt line—as is required when in formal wear. Don’t wear a baby tie; instead, choose an option made specifically for guys over six feet, and you will feel confident and look great. 

Heights Apparel 

Our company sought to make a difference in the realm of men’s fashion, and we were able to accomplish just that by expanding the clothing niche for tall men. We are proud to offer many stylish and high-quality alternatives to the mainstream options: men’s clothes that simply do not fit properly. To shop our full selection of clothing designed for tall men, check out our website. Finally, you can browse an online store and feel confident that everything fits!


If you're looking to level up your wardrobe with trendy clothes for tall guys, give Heights Apparel a try! 

Timeless Basics that Are a Must-Have for Tall Men


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