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Sometimes we just need to get away. 

To disconnect. 

The digital bombardment clouds our thoughts, our minds. It’s time to get away from the city and escape. Escape the concrete, the buildings, the traffic and pollution. Escape the ever connected devices we've come attached to.

Get away from the hectic life and slow things down to connect back with Mother Earth and nature. Breathe the fresh air, take in the scent of the leaves, close your eyes and let the natural soundscapes of nature take over.

The Northbound Collection is a capsule collection from Heights Apparel that embraces our desires to connect with nature, re-sync with our soul, and embrace the beauty of living in this moment. Right here. Right now. Designs inspired by the beauty of our world and clothing designed for tall men and our active lives.

Reconnect with yourself, become One With Nature. Head Northbound.

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