Tall Men: 3 Outfit Ideas For Date Night

When you go on a first date, the primary goal is to leave your partner with a good impression. So, this means opening the door, pulling out their chair, and carrying yourself with all of the subtle thoughtfulness that constitutes chivalry—which is not dead, by the way. After practicing your good manners, it is now time to choose an outfit that will look great and convey your unique tastes. 

For tall men, choosing what to wear on a first date can be daunting, as some clothing items simply do not fit the way that you would wish. For this reason, we at Heights Apparel have put together three first-date outfit ideas for tall men.

Casual but Sophisticated 

Depending on the restaurant or event that you’re attending, you may want to start your first date with a more casual look, while still appearing well put together and sophisticated. This look is perfect for really any type of date, but if you will be dining at a high-end restaurant with white tablecloths and champagne flutes, you may want to opt for our third suggestion. 

This look is all about effortless sophistication. For this outfit, you’ll need to layer a woven shirt with a longer blazer that will complement the shirt’s color and make your tall stature appear more even. For example, if your blazer is dark, a navy shirt would be a smart choice to match. Add a pair of dark-washed jeans and leather shoes, and you’re ready for your date. 

Sharp and Refined

The purpose of this look is to appear smart and polished, while also maximizing practicality. A great feature of this outfit combination is that it can be worn essentially to any event, casual or formal. 

Begin by choosing a light-colored shirt with a collar, over which you will layer a dark blazer that should remain unbuttoned. Choose pieces that are comfortable and do not accentuate your height. In order to achieve the refined look, add a pair of chinos that are slightly lighter than the blazer, while still complimenting the other colors that you have already chosen. Choose a pair of dark leather shoes, and now it’s time for accessories. Simply add a matching belt and watch and the look is complete. 

Formal Elegance

When you are taking your date to a high-end restaurant or event, it may be necessary to go all-out and dress to impress. While a formal shirt and blazer would be sufficient, a suit is a preferred look if you’re eager to stand out to your partner. Of course, if you do not already have a proper suit, they can be rather pricey, but we guarantee that the overall effect will be worth the extra cash.

To achieve a truly elegant look, we suggest choosing a suit (or tuxedo, if it’s after 6 and you’re feeling extra dapper) of dark color. Make sure you match your pants to the jacket and choose a tie that is subtle and complementary. Add some black leather shoes, a belt, and a watch, and you’re ready to channel your inner James Bond. 

Heights Apparel 

These first-date outfits for tall men are sure to leave a great impression on your date. Heights Apparel is proud to offer fashion tips, as well as a range of clothing options specifically made for men over six feet in height. We grew tired of the lack of clothes available for taller guys, so we created a solution in the form of our company.

If you are frustrated with clothes that are too short or otherwise don’t fit correctly, then please see our full inventory of clothes designed for tall men

Tall Men: 3 Outfit Ideas For Date Night

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