Tall Men's Fashion: 5 Must-Avoid Styling Mistakes


Tall Men's Clothing


If you are a tall and skinny dude, it’s essential to shop at retailers that carry tall men's clothes—but good luck! Heights was born because of the massive gap in the clothing market that we found when shopping for ourselves. 

Let’s face it — as a tall guy, building a fashionable, timeless wardrobe is more of a challenge than you’d think. There’s much more effort involved in the shopping experience for tall men’s clothing, and it can be frustrating! 

As you slowly start to put away that dozen pairs of sweatpants you’ve worn over the past year (#PandemicStyle) and start to refresh your wardrobe for summer and fall, we’ve got a few tips on what you should avoid while shopping and getting dressed. Read on and be enlightened! 


Tall Men’s Fashion: 5 Must-Avoid Styling Mistakes

Baggy, ill-fitting clothing 

While some 90s trends are making a bold comeback, the baggy, loose look is a no-go for today’s modern tall guy. While it can be easy to fall into the trap of just buying something baggy and trying to shrink it (and then getting a crop top… we’ve all been there) you’re better off finding a trusted tailor and keeping them on speed dial. 

Don’t lose hope - there are options for shirts and jeans for tall men. You just have to look a little harder for them. You found Heights, after all! 


Tall Men’s Fashion: 5 Must-Avoid Styling Mistakes

Bold prints and stripes

While we are big advocates for mixing prints into your wardrobe, be selective. Avoid vertical stripes at all costs, as they elongate your torso and make you look taller and skinnier. Horizontal stripes are a better choice; they give your chest and shoulders a broad appearance and detract from your height. 

Bold prints may be flashy and grab people’s attention, and if that’s what you want, then go for it! If you’d rather fly a little more under the radar, soft stripes and neutral colors can be a unique choice while still helping you look good. 

Tall Men’s Fashion: 5 Must-Avoid Styling Mistakes

Too tight pants 

I know, I know. Skinny jeans have been all the rage for the past decade or so, and for a lot of body types, they’re flattering and can work for many occasions. But for tall guys, we recommend steering clear of overly tight jeans and pants that will emphasize your tallness. 

If you’re into the fitted look, try to find a Slim fit that helps you achieve the look you feel confident in, without making you look even taller.

Also, please don’t ever buy or wear low-rise jeans. Avoid at all costs.

Tall Men’s Fashion: 5 Must-Avoid Styling Mistakes

Flashy jeans

When it comes to denim, subtle is best. A great suggestion is to look for denim with ‘self-stitching,’ where the thread color matches the fabric. It’s a subtle, clean look

Jeans should make you look good and feel confident, without drawing too much attention to themselves. We recommend buying jeans that are multi-purpose; you can wear them for work events, dates, social outings, at home with the kids… really anywhere. 

Remember True Religion bedazzled jean pockets? We’d really like for that trend to stay exactly where it belongs – in the 2000s. 

Heights Signature Tall T-shirt

Sticking to just one layer 

This one can be tricky in the hotter months, and as Phoenix residents, we totally relate to just throwing on a tank top on those scorching hot days. 

However, when you do need to get dressed up or you’re headed somewhere other than your own humble abode, try to add layers to your outfit. Avoiding a one-dimensional look is ideal for tall guys because it can add mass while subtracting height (a win-win for us). Try wearing a thick undershirt and then a T-shirt to add some bulk. 

We get it. Tall men's clothing can be difficult to find, and it’s even more challenging to discover items that are made of clean, sustainable materials. Don’t give up on your quest to find a fit that works for you, and makes you feel confident and ready for anything.


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