Heights Apparel Exists Because One (rather tall) Guy Had A Dream. 
He Had An Idea. 
He Had A Goal. 
He Worked Relentlessly To Make It A Reality. 
He Made It Happen And Continues To Make It Happen Every Single Day.
He Believes In Himself And Does What It Takes.
He Doesn’t Give Up.
Palm trees with tagline, Make It Happen in the center
At Heights, our motto is Make It Happen. It’s very personal to us yet applies to so many other people who are motivated to achieve their goals and live their best lives. We believe the magic happens when you live outside of your comfort zone and ultimately, when you take the risk.
We are constantly inspired by the stories of others and their determination and perseverance to live their dream. Those who understand that the failures along the way are just as important as the successes in the overall journey. Those who don’t let setbacks get in the way of the big picture and those who work so hard and believe in themselves to Make It Happen…because at the end of the day, there is no other option.
We hope to inspire others by sharing these stories… 

#MakeItHappen Video Series

We are excited to share the first installment of the #MakeItHappen Video Series featuring Scott Warren, Founder and Design Director of Heights Apparel.