3 Styling Tips for Guys Who Are Into Beanies

3 Styling Tips for Guys Who Are Into Beanies

Beanies are mostly thought of as a winter essential first, fashion item second. Even though hats keep your head warm, they can be treated as pieces of fashion, too. With the right look, a beanie can make for a fantastic accessory. After all, staying warm during the coldest months of the year is essential. And, there are limited fashionable options when it comes to headwear. These days, the beanie has become the default choice for many people. For guys who are curious about how to make their beanies fashionable, here are some of the best tips on wearing beanies for men.


3 Styling Tips for Guys Who Are Into Beanies

Match It

One great way to make an impact with your beanie is to make it match the rest of your outfit. Beanies can actually match a suit, or a winter coat and jeans—you name it. A color-coordinated beanie can make for an excellent accessory for any outfit. If you want to rock a beanie with a number of different outfits, add multiple beanies to your collection. Or, if you prefer to keep it simple, get one or two beanies to match your favorite winter garments. This is a simple way to bundle up in style this winter. 

Are you looking to make an even greater winter fashion statement? Consider wearing a scarf that either matches or complements your beanie. This can create a very bold look in direct defiance of the coldest weather nature can throw at you.

3 Styling Tips for Guys Who Are Into Beanies

Keep It Simple

A beanie doesn’t need to do too much to look good. The best look for beanies is one that fits snug on your head. You don’t want it to droop too much or fall too low over your face. You do probably want it to cover your ears—for practical and fashionable reasons. And, it’s also probably best to avoid flashy colors. It’s fine to have a logo on your beanie. Feel free to promote a brand or your favorite sports team, as long as it is not too distracting. Simple logos and simple colors are best when it comes to beanie fashion.

The classic beanie look is a plain, solid-colored cap with a creased cuff covering the ears. You certainly can’t go wrong with this look, and your best bet is to not stray too far from it.


3 Styling Tips for Guys Who Are Into Beanies

To Pom-Pom or Not to Pom-Pom

There are two main styles of beanies. On the one hand, you have your standard beanie without any flourishes. But on the other, you have beanies adorned with pom-pom on top. The pop-pom is not for everybody; if you like the look, though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a pom-pom beanie. In fact, if worn with confidence, pom-poms can upgrade good beanies to the best beanies for men. Fun and stylish at once, pom-poms are a fashion risk that can pay dividends.

The rules for pom-poms are the same as the rules for beanies in general: keep it simple. Avoid flashy colors, anything that is too large, or a pom-pom that droops too much. A solid-color pom-pom also works best, though some multi-colored pom-poms are acceptable. (Show off those proud colors if you are representing your favorite sports team with your beanie.)

At the end of the day, beanies are simply a cool, easy way to add a bit of flair to your winter outfit. If you want to wear one, then you absolutely should. Just be sure you’re stocked up on stylish beanies for the winter. 

If you’re searching for cool beanies for men, check out this Northbound Beanie from Heights Apparel. This beanie sports a simple brand logo patch and is sustainably made from 100% traceable recycled polyester.

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