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Apparel For Tall Guys

We make clothing for the everyday tall guy 6'3'' to 7'+

No more wasting money on cheap apparel that always comes up short.


Transform Your Style

Give your closet an upgrade with tall men's clothing designed to make you feel confident and comfortable without sacrificing style.


One Small Step In The Right Direction

The Heights Apparel brand is stoked to announce we have joined the Eco Packaging Alliance. We've joined up with NOISSUE as our supplier of 100% completely compostable mailer bags for our products.

This move is just a small step in our effort to transition our products to sustainable fabrics.

Get The Pant Length You Need

Finally, slim cut jeans designed for tall guys. 

Inseam lengths of 36, 38, and 40 inches.

Order today and feel the difference tall sizes make.

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What's Cooking In The Lab

ALL-NEW Signature Tall Tee

Improved fit. New labels. New colors. Our core item is on the way soon. Our community gave us valuable feedback and we've made improvements. We can't wait to share this with you!

Signature Tall Woven

This year is focused on expanding the Signature Collection. Heavy work is being put into the Signature Woven shirt in both short-sleeved and long-sleeved versions. Final sampling is happening right now.

New Hat Designs Coming

We're adding some new hat designs to the shop while restocking the sold out Signature Snapback with some improvements. We're adding a waterproof Northbound Collection hat, that is waterproof and ready for all your outdoor adventures! Items are in production now and will be available in a few weeks.

Blog posts

A New Year For Tall Men’s Apparel

A New Year For Tall Men’s Apparel

When I started this tall men’s apparel line a couple of years ago, I definitely had some idea of what I was getting into but in reality, I had no idea what this journey would be like. So here are my goals for Heights. Help me stay accountable so Heights can grow and be the best tall men's apparel brand.
Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Dating Someone Tall?

Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Dating Someone Tall?

The quick explanation why everyone is obsessed with dating someone tall is that, tall men are considered sexier, powerful and usually the more desirable male in relationships—unless of course the guy is tall because he is standing on his wallet. That’s a different story.
Tall Men In Hollywood

Tall Men In Hollywood

Being a tall guy (over 6’) in Hollywood can surprisingly limit your shot at being a leading man. Being a tall guy can lead to being typecast as the shady henchman or perpetual antagonist if you tower over your leading lady and cast mates —unless you’re one of the lucky guys below. If you’ve ever wondered who your celebrity height twin is, here is a partial listing of a few of our favorite Hollywood tall guys. 


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