Best Tall Men's Style Trends for Fall Season

Move over, hot girl summer. It’s time for Tall Boy Fall. This fall, our tall men out there will have their chance to shine, and that shine begins with them wearing the latest trendy tall apparel brands. We know that tall men stand out naturally (“No, I don’t play basketball….I’m just tall.”), so why not capitalize on that attention and make the most of it? Be prepared to show off a great sense of style! Heights Apparel can help you make this idea a reality. Read on for the top four trends for men's fall fashion!


Use Layers

Fall fashion for men comes down to one key factor: Layers! Layering clothing adds dimension and breaks up the length of the body. For the cooler fall temperatures, tall men should consider adding unique or patterned layers to catch the eye, such as a flannel jacket. This layer looks like a regular flannel but is made with thicker material to keep men warm during the cooler months. For classier events, add a nice blazer or sport coat over one of a simple but nicer shirt to bring the style and warmth at the same time.


Shirts For Tall Guys

Contrast Colors

Gone are the times when men’s wardrobes consisted of boring, monochrome colors once cooler weather hit. In 2021, men are wearing colors and patterns all year long! Particularly for tall men, it is important to avoid wearing the same color top and bottom as it will create a visual that makes them look even taller. We offer a variety of colored shirts for tall guys to ensure you stay fashionable year round.


Fall Style Trends For Tall Men

Avoid Stripes, Choose Prints

Stripes are a pattern that is more suited for the warmer months, such as the end of spring and summer. Vertical stripes make tall men look even taller, while horizontal stripes make them look unnecessarily wide. Instead, opt for shirts and jackets with smaller prints on them. Smaller prints add style to a basic outfit without changing how your body looks.


Wear Well-Fitted Pants

We know how hard it is for a tall man to find pants that fit correctly. Either they fit at the waist but are too short, or they are too wide around the waist but are the right length. Both of these options ain’t it! We offer a pair of pants specifically for tall men in a variety of sizes, from 32x36 to 33x40 to 36x40.

Head into Tall Boy Fall with confidence! Heights Apparel offers fashion for men that know both the perks and struggles of being tall!. We offer a variety of tall men’s clothing —from shirts to pants to hats—to make sure you go through life with style. We believe that you might as well look good while you’re answering all those questions about your height (“Wow, you’re tall! How tall are you??”). Check out our website to learn more about our tall apparel brand.


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Best Tall Men’s Style Trends for Fall Season


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