Six Examples Of Tall People Hilariously Overshadowing Short People

How many times have been you asked...

“Do you play basketball?” “How tall are you?” “How’s the weather up there?” “Are your parents tall?” “Wow…you’re really tall!” We get it! People are shocked and surprised (and, we think, just a little bit jealous) of our amazing height. As a tall man, you are used to fielding all types of questions and comments about your height as you go about your daily life. For the most part, though, there are lots of pros about being tall: you can see over people’s heads at concerts, find someone in a crowd easily, walk faster with your naturally long strides, and more. 

However, tall men know that being around short people is a whole different level of struggle. From posing in pictures to dating a shorter person—or being that guy who is asked to get things off the top shelf, hanging out with short people makes our height stand out even more. Once we see ourselves next to short people in photographs, the contrast is undeniable! Here are some funny photos showing tall people hilariously overshadowing short people.


1. For our tall guys with short partners, the whole “matching robes on the honeymoon” idea doesn’t quite work out. 


2.Your shorter family members and friends may need to come up with creative ways to hug you if they don’t want to breathe into your sternum every time.


3. In many situations, you may be the center of attention even if it’s not your moment to shine. Second place for the win!


4. Most likely, you’ve experienced several conversations where you have to crouch down to hear the shorter person and engage in the discussion (think conversations at a loud bar—we bet you spend the night basically doubled in half). Hilariously awkward once you see what you look like in these moments!


5. Admit it: you’ve done this before. The “lean in” to fit your full body into the frame (especially if you’re rocking a great outfit - peep this guy’s shoes!)


6. You’re a tall man living in a world that wasn’t built for your size. For example, you may always have to sit in the exit row on airplanes just for that extra leg room. Or, like in the pictures above, more drastic measures may need to be taken for simple things like going to the doctor.


We hope you enjoyed this set of funny pictures! While you may not be able to change the obvious differences in height between you and short people in photos, you can at least make sure you are looking good for the camera! At Heights Apparel, we sell clothing specifically designed for the tall skinny man. Our founder was a lean 6’7”, and he realized there weren’t any clothing stores that made clothes for his build or many tall apparel brands. Cue the idea for Heights Apparel.


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