5 Tall Male IG Models to Find Fashion Inspiration From

As tall men, it can be challenging to find fashion inspiration to help you shop for clothes or put together a solid outfit. To help you out, we went (where else?) straight to Instagram. 

This post is a collection of tall male models who not only exude confidence but look good doing it. They’ve got tall men’s fashion down, and their profiles make it easy for any tall guy to pull inspiration from when in a pinch.


Ronald Epps @therealronaldepps

5 Tall Male IG Models to Find Fashion Inspiration From


New York Fashion Week model and star of a couple of Chanel ads, Ronald makes tall men’s casual fashion look easy. His best looks center around a fitted pair of pants, a graphic tee, and some cool shoes. His style is easy to emulate because it’s laid back and casual but still put together. He’s also a dad of two little ones and his IG showcases how you can still look good while chasing your kids around. 


Alexandre Cunha @alexxxcunha

5 Tall Male IG Models to Find Fashion Inspiration From

Alex Cunha is a Lacoste model and also walks in Dolce Gabbana runway shows. He is always looking put together and knows how to wear the right blazer to not only look professional, but still cool and approachable. It can be challenging for guys to know how to style a blazer or long trench coat, and Alex is the go-to guy for tall men’s fashion and outerwear. His IG is stacked full of ways to layer up and add dimension by way of coats and sweaters. 

David Gandy @davidgandy_official

5 Tall Male IG Models to Find Fashion Inspiration From

An English native, David Gandy’s classic style is one that we can draw inspiration from for various occasions. He’s also a nice change of pace from the run-of-the-mill IG male models—his style and muscular build allow for bigger guys to feel seen. 

Of all the men’s fashion looks David does well, you’ll never see him in a pair of jeans that don’t fit perfectly. From 7 for All Mankind to Lucky brand modeling gigs, David knows how to dress his lower half and wears jeans like a seasoned pro. Tall guys looking for the perfect fit, wash, and length of jeans should be calling on David’s IG regularly for guidance. 

Rah Mosley @rah_mosley

5 Tall Male IG Models to Find Fashion Inspiration From

Casual, cool, yet polished defines Rah’s unique style. He’s the boss when it comes to styling a gym look, a backyard BBQ look, and has some awesome streetwear posts on his IG that guys of all sizes and heights can tweak to make their own. 

Rah’s IG content sends the message that no style or look is untouchable—any guy, any size can (and should) try a trend they’re drawn to. Rah’s looks vary from a fedora and a tailored leather jacket, distressed denim, and casual (but fitted) shorts, and a graphic tee. Regardless of your style choices, Rah’s IG provides guidance and inspiration for all tall dudes. 

And also, beard goals.


Kyle Andrew @kyle_andrew

5 Tall Male IG Models to Find Fashion Inspiration From

Last but not least, we present Kyle Andrew. Giving new meaning to a dapper gentleman, Kyle sets the bar pretty high in terms of being tall, well-dressed, and confident. He’s the king of a fresh-pressed button-up, but can also keep it expertly casual with a tee. 

If your workwear vibe is slacking, Kyle is your guy for new concepts in dressing up your office style and wow-ing your colleagues. 

While these top male models may seem like IG goals, keep in mind their style is attainable without the help of stylists and billion-dollar fashion houses. All you need is a bit of inspiration, a quality brand you can rely on, and a bit of creativity. 

Make sure to bookmark this post to refer back to when you need some backup. Happy styling! 

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