Six Everyday Struggles of a Tall Person

Let’s be real. Tall guy problems are no joke!

The world is simply not built for tall people. Note the little legroom on airplanes or the lack of quality shoes available for people with big feet (as tall people usually have). At Heights Apparel, our clothes are designed specifically for tall men. Our company was inspired by surf and skate culture, and was founded in 2018 by our 6’7” owner, Scott Warren, who learned it was near impossible to find clothes for his tall but lean build. 

We know the hassle that comes with being a tall person trying to live in a world that is not built for our size. Check out these six everyday struggles that every tall person can relate to.

Posing for Pictures


Nine times out of ten, you will be the tallest person in any group photo that you’re in. Your options are either 1) awkwardly duck down to everyone else’s height or 2) stick out like a sore thumb. We know, these options don’t sound great. Take your pick! Or maybe take a knee?

Walking “Too Fast”

“Slow down!” your shorter companions shout as you walk at your standard pace. Being tall = having long legs, which means your stride is longer than the average person. Your friends will consistently ask you to slow down, but this purposefully slow pace will make you feel like you are walking in slow motion.

Helping Shorter People

tall person helping short person with top shelf

“Yes, I can get that off the top shelf for you,” you say to the fifth stranger in the grocery store today. Shorter people will make a beeline to you when they need help with something like this. While they’re asking for your help, get prepared to answer the irritatingly cheesy question, “How’s the weather up there?”

Dating Shorter People

tall guy short girl dating

This struggle is similar to the previous one, except this is long term. Your shorter partner will ask you to change the lightbulbs, hang paintings, dust off the fan blades, and more. Kissing your partner will involve them standing on their tip-toes while you uncomfortably lean down. Cuddling, holding hands, and posing for pictures could all be tricky to figure out.

Ducking Under Doorways 

Our extra tall friends have the lovely experience of ducking under almost every doorway they come across. With an average door frame being around 6’8”, tall men in that height range may have to pay close attention when walking through doors. 

Finding Clothes that Fit

While we can’t help you with any of the above struggles, we got you in this area! At Heights Apparel, we take tall people problems seriously! Therefore, our goal is to be your go-to place to find clothes that finally fit you correctly. You won’t have to worry about finding clothes that are too wide or too short; we have clothes that will fit your height and your body—no altering needed! Check out our online store for more details. 


When you're looking for quality, American-made tall men's clothing, Heights will have you covered. 


Six Everyday Struggles of a Tall Person


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