Good Style For Guys: the Dos and Don’ts of 2022

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Styling for the new year can be a challenge. Fashion standards change pretty frequently, and the new year always introduces a new set of standards to jump on to keep up with good style for guys. Thankfully, there are guides out there (like this one) to get you headed in the right direction. From how to prepare for the day to what kind of things to style together, there are a bunch of things that go into figuring the right outfit for each day. Let’s get a good idea of what we mean before jumping into the dos and don’ts for 2022.

How to Have a Good Style for Guys in 2022

Before we jump into the tips, the first thing we want to say is to take things slowly. Nobody can change their entire wardrobe in a day. Even if they did, they would skip the process of truly getting to know what they want and what they are looking for. Creating a good style isn’t strictly about wearing the most relevant of fashion choices. It’s about wearing the things that truly suit you as a person. 

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Preparation is Everything in the Best Style for Guys

This first tip on how to have a good style for guys isn’t necessarily on style specifically. Instead, it’s a great habit to develop that will help the daily job of getting dressed be less of a chore. Prepping your outfits the night before gives you the time to make careful choices without being rushed at the last minute. Nobody wants to debate color combinations and pattern matching in a rush. Even picking out two options to choose from will save you time and energy in the morning. Night-before prepping is certainly a lifesaver.

Shirts For Tall Guys

Dress for the Season

To have the best style and stay trending and fashionable during 2022, dress with the season. Winter will bring with it more subdued and muted colors to match the cold, calmer state of the weather. On the flip side, things get more vibrant with spring and summer. For winter, consider this Tahoe Flannel Shirt to keep yourself warm and looking good. For spring and summer, check out these Green Mist Signature Tall T-shirts or this Tall Men’s Tank Top to keep you looking as hot as the weather is.

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Fit for the Wear

Regardless of the season, it’s best to opt for things that fit your body as opposed to hiding it. We’ve gone away from the baggy fashions of the early 2000s and now see the world wanting a more uniform, tapered look. To be clear, this doesn’t mean skinny jeans and tight, thermal wear. This just means something that doesn’t leave you looking like a flag blowing in the wind. Try this pair of Dark Blue Wash Jeans for instance. They’re close to the leg without being constricting. A simple style and color that can suit any outfit and occasion will always keep you looking great.

Shirts For Tall Guys

Comfortable is Attractive

Keeping the above tips in mind, nothing is more attractive than someone who just looks comfortable in what they're wearing. It can be important to keep fashion trends in mind. And it is just as important to feel good in what you’re wearing. Comfort leads to confidence, so always make sure you feel as good as you want to look. 

Find a Supplier

Truly, the first “do” of having the best style for guys in 2022 is to find a reliable store. With Heights Apparel Co., you can’t go wrong. We’ve got seasonal, comfortable, trending, and durable clothes. You’ll be sure to want to check out our stock regardless of where you are at in your fashion journey.


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