5 Fun Facts About Tall Men that Will Make You Love Them (More) 




Shout out to all the dudes who regularly field questions like, “How’s the weather up there?” or “Do you play basketball?” or even the most obvious declaration, “Dang… you’re tall!” 

While life as a tall male can have its annoyances, life up here can be pretty great. 

There are so many reasons to love tall men, and here are a few more we thought we should share! 


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Tall men may actually be smarter (and make more money)

Research shows that height and intelligence are positively correlated, and we believe the science! People who are genetically and developmentally healthier can grow taller and gain more intelligence than those who are less healthy. In turn, this produces a positive correlation between height and intelligence.

The height bias may also be due to tall people having greater self-esteem and social confidence than shorter people. 

A study in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that people make $789 more per year for each inch above the average height they are. Show me the money!

We may be more confident because of our height, and we can thank genetics for the boost in intelligence (and salary!). 

Their reflexes are slower 


Ever noticed taller people can sometimes be clumsier? There’s an actual scientific answer as to why.

It’s because it takes a little bit longer for the nerve signals in tall men to travel to the brain. In one study, researchers found the signals slowed down 0.17 meters per second for every centimeter taller a person was. 

Our reflexes may take a second to catch up, but our wingspan will make up for what’s lacking!


greater height can be associated with a bigger cortex, which in turn was linked with better cognitive ability.

Tall guys have great memories 

There’s hope at last! As we age, maybe you won’t have to remind us about every little thing that needs to get done.

Researchers found that greater height can be associated with a bigger cortex, which in turn was linked with better cognitive ability.

Strong memory skills can improve productivity, decrease stress, and improve decision-making. Bring on the chess and crossword puzzles to keep us sharp! 


Tall men are inherently healthier

Tall men are inherently healthier 

The height protects the heart, or so it seems.

In a 2015 study, a team at Ohio State University looked at 180 genetic variants that are known to control height and found that those variants linked with shorter stature also had an effect on cholesterol, fat levels, and overall heart disease risk.

Looks like we’ve got pretty promising genetics.

Maybe we’re healthier, but we’re also more likely to break a bone. Studies since the 1990s have shown that tall men are at a higher risk to fracture a hip and develop blood clots in their legs. Yikes! 



Tall men are more social 

This study discusses the idea that tall men may have greater self-esteem in social settings because they are literally ‘looked up to’. Because of this, others may view tall men in a more leader-like way, almost authoritative. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Like we mentioned earlier, height was the most predictive factor of jobs and their earnings. These roles include Sales, management, and service careers. 

So, most tall guys love to socialize, work with people, and help solve problems. 

Tall guys make it happen 

From reaching the high shelf in the kitchen that is just out of your reach to never getting lost in a crowd again - tall guys are great to have around. We may have to sit in the emergency aisle of an airplane, and it sure isn’t easy to shop for tall men's clothes, but you’ll never regret having a tall guy in your life. 


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