Summer Style Trends for Tall, Thin Guys

Maybe you’ve mastered winter dressing for tall guys. You’ve got it all figured out.  During the cold months you add layers to create the silhouette and shape you desire to balance your tall, thin frame. In the summertime, you’ve no choice but to remove layers in order to keep cool. Now with vacations and more casual days upon us, you may feel a bit unsure about the latest style trends and wonder if you can pull them off with your body type.  What should a tall, thin guy wear in order stay cool and look cool doing it?  How will you get that symmetry and visual balance you desire? If you’re big on length and not on width, the official start of summer doesn’t have to be a time of uncertainty when it comes to trends and dressing.  Follow the tips below so that you can get your summer fun on and look good while you do it!

Tall Chino Shorts are on the Menu

Whether you were bornGuy wearing chino shorts on a beach for summer style in the 90’s or you were a wild, partying frat boy in the 90’s, you can have fun rocking this look.  Choose chino shorts in a bright color like coral if you want a preppy look. Make sure that they don’t show off more of your thighs than you want. You may have to try a few pairs before finding the perfect fit.  You want your chino shorts to hit a few inches above your knees. Cuff or un-cuffed, it’s up to you. Make sure the shorts aren’t too baggy. They should have a slim fit. Add a belt. It will help you to break up the lines to avoid the “beanpole” look and trick the eye.

Pair the chino shorts with a well-fitted tall men’s shirt in your style.  Choose a polo shirt in a soft comfortable fabric, like a good organic cotton that will hold its shape after multiple washings.  You can also opt for a well-fitted, short-sleeved, button-down shirt in a fun plaid or horizontal stripe color. Whatever you do, remember to balance your color choices.  If you opt for bright bottoms, pair them with a neutral top or vice versa. Have fun with plaid and bold colors. Remember that solids will make you look thinner. A great pair of chinos and the perfect shirt, will take you from day to night in a breeze.

If you must wear flip flops, choose a well-constructed sandal. Otherwise, get your “Street Prep” on and wear a boat shoe.  Yes, they are back. 

Guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt and jean shorts on a beach showing summer style

Jorts aka Denim Shorts

Don’t panic! You only wear them if you really like them and you can pull them off. The same rules from above apply.  Make sure they’re not baggy, too long or showing too much thigh. Unlike Chinos you won’t be able to wear jorts to quite as many places or on as many occasions for good reason.  They’re about casual and comfort. Wear Jorts to the BBQ or poolside party. You may want to rethink them for dinner at the boss’s house. Pair a well-fitted pair of jorts with a soft tee shirt.  Choose horizontal stripes in black and white or fun bold plaids. Graphic tees may be a bit too casual. Dress them up with a well fitted short-sleeved, button-down shirt. Go for a light weight linen, for extra coolness. Linen is a loosely woven fabric which allows heat to escape from the body, it absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Jorts will bring the fun and comfort when paired well.


The Dreaded Summer Wedding Suit

A summer wedding doesn’t have to be a nightmare. No matter where the destination is during the summer months, you can pull off a clean, sophisticated look with the right, light weight fabric, like linen. We know that going from a simple linen shirt to a whole suit can be scary.  There is not much worse than an ill-fitted baggy, rumpled, wrinkled suit on any guy. On a tall, thin guy it’s double the horror points. Don’t worry. Follow these rules and you will be the tallest, coolest guy on the beach, resort or in the garden chapel. Choose a good linen suit that is structured and well fitted in the shoulders.  Make sure the sleeves reach right above the wrists. The jacket should be tapered slightly in the waist. Only wear white if you're in the wedding party and that is the designated color. Otherwise choose a neutral color like wheat or tan. Opt for a trim two-button cut for a stylish look. You will be guaranteed to get a dance with the belle of the ball-at least once before she leaves on her honeymoon.

A bunch of people in a pool floating

Everybody in the pool!

We’ve saved the best for last. What’s summer without a pool or beach romp or two or ten?  Here is where you just have to break free and be you. Worry less about style and more about feeling comfortable.  If you want to follow any tall, thin guy must do’s, make sure that you balance the ratio between leg and swimsuit.  Your suit shouldn’t go any lower than the knees. Other than that just have fun. Be bold in your suit choices. Select prints and colors that appeal to you.

Happy  Summer, guys!

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