How to Dress Well When You’re Tall and Thin

I remember when I was 18 years old. I was tall and thin. I learned by that time that I had to dress better to look good and exude confidence. The problem was, anything that was long enough for my tall frame, was usually way too big for my slim frame. This is a common problem among guys that are tall and thin.

The advice I used to get was hit gym, gain weight and build some muscle. I knew it’ll take time. What I wanted was a quick fix for the short term and in long term I’d build my body and eliminate the tall guy effect.

Well, I started researching on internet and I asked tall guys who I knew dressed well. Step by step I got to learn what dressing style suits a tall and thin guy.

Many tall and skinny guys look like they are swimming in their clothes because they wear clothes too loose for their frame. When you have a certain height, you need to be extra careful about what you choose to dress.

In this article I’m going to tell you some points that’ll save you a ton of time and you can start applying them immediately. Let’s get started:

1. Stop wearing loose clothes

Some guys wear loose clothes to look big. But guess what? The effect is exactly opposite. In loose clothes they look weak.

You also should avoid skin tight clothes as well. Don’t wear skinny jeans otherwise your legs will look like bamboo sticks. You need clothes that just fit you right. For that you’ll have to hire a good tailor.

And avoid wearing large objects like big watches and wide ties. You want to keep accessories in proportion to your frame.

2. Wear items that make you look stronger

Most movies about James Bond features James Bond in Jacket or Suit or Blazer. And there is a good reason. They make Bond look stronger.

Get yourself a good coat and wear it. You’ll look different and strong. What a coat does is, add layers of perceived skin, thus make you appear strong and you are perceived strong.

That brings me to our next point…

3. Wear multiple layers

One or two layers of clothing might not affect your appearance much but when combined, they can make a big difference. Thank me later when your friends compliment you ;)

And keep in mind that I’m not advocating to put 3 thick pieces on top of each other. That may make you look bulky for a short time but when they catch you off sweater, you know what it’s gonna be like :)

4. Always be trying new stuff

There are some problems being tall and thin. The first problem is that if you buy a long shirt then it generally is big and looks baggy and if you buy a fitting shirt then sleeves are too short.

Another problem is when you buy jeans, you need full height and full height jeans have big legs. On contrary when you buy fitting jeans then height does not match much and you have to forcefully buy small jeans.

The only solution is to keep trying new stuff. Many times I’ve ended up buying jeans completely at random times because I got the perfect match. It’s a rare opportunity you know.

Another solution is to get a good tailor and customize your shirts and pants. It may be an expensive option but it’s worth it. While not a cost effective way, for many tall guys, such as myself, I discovered the positive impact that a properly fitted shirt made me feel. 

Here’s What to Do Next…

I did not want to throw hundreds of points in it just to make it a big article but you got the most important points. Follow these 4 points and you’ll look amazing.


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