Why We Love Lyocell and You Should Too

In our quest to design and create the best tall slim cut t-shirt, we combed through sample after sample of fabric before ultimately deciding on the best option for our Heights Apparel Premium T-shirts. 

We chose a fabric that is mainly created using lyocell. We’re sharing a bit of information about lyocell and why we can't get enough of it here at Heights Apparel.  If you’re not familiar with the name, Lyocell, perhaps you’ve heard of Tencel, which is a brand name for lyocell fabric.


Lyocell fabric is 100% biodegradable. It is derived from natural fiber harvested from the cellulose found in wood pulp. The pulp comes from trees grown on sustainable tree farms. Lyocell is made through a process using nanotechnology which includes a closed loop process.  This process keeps the fabric free of chemicals by decomposing them in production therefore lycocell is not a synthetic! Making Lyocell an excellent choice for its organic properties and resource friendly, due to using much less water to produce than many other fabrics. By choosing lyocell you are making an excellent choice in fabric and contributing to eco conscious conservation.

lyocell is a natural fiber used in apparel

No Sweat

We know it can be a bear shopping for tall men’s shirts. Not only are you searching for the perfect fit, you want great style and a fabric that is easy to care for and one that feels good to your skin. Lyocell is clearly the winner. It doesn’t just fit great, it feels great. Lyocell fabric is antibacterial, making it impervious to sweat and odor!  It is soft, lightweight and gets uber points for comfort.  We believe lyocell is the perfect choice for our loose and relaxed clothing styles. Whether you’re looking for sports gear or casual work attire, lyocell fabrics have you covered handsomely.

  Lyocell keeps your body temp cool

The Resistance is Real

What’s a chore worse than doing laundry?  For many, ironing. Yet another reason to love lyocell, is because it is resistant to creases and wrinkles. We love that it will hold its shape, be crinkle free, and look great longer than most other fabrics. Did we mention its versatility?  It can come in an array of textures from suede to a silk-like finish. No matter which casual, and tall clothing texture you go for, it will feel good to the touch and hold up well after washing.

Heights tall t-shirts keep their size when washing


The Good “C” Word

lyocell keeps your tall t-shirt in great shapeKeeping your lyocell fabric in great shape isn’t complicated nor does it have to be expensive.  You don’t have to dry clean 100% lyocell only fabrics. You do have to take a bit of CARE. While lyocell is a durable fabric is it also an organic fabric. Unlike synthetics you must be mindful if you want it to last.  We suggest, washing by hand. YIKES. It’s really not that hard but if that idea is a turn-off, pop it in the washer. Set the dial on the Gentle cycle and use a mile detergent to extend the life of the fabric, and get the most wear as possible. We promise it will be worth the extra care. Drip dry or dry on medium heat.



Crafting The Best Tall Guy T-shirt With Lyocell

We tested many fabrics for our first line of Premium T-shirts. Not only specifically designed for the slim cut tall guy, but we took great care in finding materials that are not only ethically sourced, but are high quality fibers with organic properties. 

Ultimately we settled on a unique blend of Lyocel (66%), Organic Cotton (28%), and a touch of spandex for flexibility (6%). 

If you're a tall guy that is sick of wasting money on t-shirts that shrink after a wash, or flat out just don't feel comfortable, you're definitely going to want to try our Heights Premium Tall T-shirts

Our shop is now open, tall guys rejoice! 


For the best U.S.A. made premium quality t-shirts for tall guys, visit Heights Apparel today!


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