Summer 2021 Tall Men's Clothing

Summer Tall Men's Clothing


When you're a tall guy finding clothing to fit your body is difficult enough. When it comes to finding high quality, casual tall men's clothing, well that can be a tough task. 

There are a growing number of options out there, where tall men can find tall focused apparel, but there are few that can bring the design style similar to the ever popular beach and surf lifestyle brands that are so common during the warmer months of the year. 

That is part of our mission at Heights Apparel, we set out to create the tall clothing that is inspired by our love for the beach and water. The best part is, you won't have to worry about our graphic tees shrinking into belly shirts. You'll get a full season of wearing our shirts, even if you put them in the dryer! 

With the turbulent year of the COVID pandemic more and more in the rearview mirror, we wanted to come into the summer of 2021 with a bang. So check out the latest tall men styles we've dropped the past few weeks that will surely your look to the next level. 



1. The Signature Tall T-Shirt

The shirt that started it all. The Signature tall tee is the premiere t-shirt for tall guys and our core product. We launched our first version of this tee back in 2019, selling out within the first few months. 

"What's so special about a $60 tee?"

Glad you asked. This is one of the most versatile tall t-shirts you'll find on the market. We upped the ante by not going the traditional fabric route with this one. We developed this shirt using the ultra soft, liquid smooth fabric that includes Tencel Lyocel fibers, organic cotton, and spandex. 

We took great care and thought about apparel sustainability when choosing the fabric for the Signature Tall Tee. Chances are you may have never herd of Tencel or Lyocel. We didn't either until we came across it at a textile show. We learned some amazing facts about Tencel Lyocell that made it appealing:

  • It’s super breathable, even more so than cotton, plus it wrinkles less.

  • Lyocell is also very absorbent with some moisture-wicking properties, so it’s more comfortable than most fabrics in hot, humid environments.

  • The process is closed-loop: 99% of the chemicals and solvents used in the process to break down the wood pulp are recovered and recycled with minimal waste and very low emissions.

Lastly, we make our Signature Tall Tee right here in the United States. Designed and developed in Tempe, Arizona our latest version of the tall tee is made in Denver, Colorado. So if you're looking for a t-shirt that will last longer than that standard five pack, the Signature Tall Tee is the way to go. 


Be At Peace - Graphic Tees for Tall Guys

2. Tall Graphic Tees That Keep Their Length

There's nothing more annoying as a tall guy, than spending money on new graphic tees at the store, wearing it once, and then never being able to wear it again because it shrank up in the wash. Effectively turning your new t-shirt into a belly shirt. This is one of the most common tall people problems out there. 

For this summer we've taken the same concept with our Signature Tall Tees and applied it to a more traditional cotton or cotton/poly material specifically for graphic tees! Early this year, we posted on our Heights Instagram four different designs and allowed our community to vote on what we should make. Each shirt is designed, made, and screen printed right here in the U.S. The people have spoken, and now they're available to purchase! 


3. The Work From Anywhere Tall Woven Shirt

Signature Tall Woven Shirt in Burgundy

Summer time can't be all about fun and games right? Or can it? Our latest edition to the Signature Tall Collection now includes the Signature Tall Woven shirt. We spent two years developing the perfect fit for tall guys with this shirt, and the extra time spent has paid off. The tall woven shirt uses a fabric of primarily cotton with just a touch of spandex for added comfort and flexibility. It's the right amount of flex whether you're working from home, out in the field, or enjoying a summer night out on the town. Not too heavy of a weight and not too light. Best of all, it's the perfect fit for the tall guy. 

We took time with the details by using a contrast color thread around the button holes, and adding unique branding on the outer rim of the buttons. We then topped it off with the standard Signature Collection woven labels on the side seam, pocket, and inner neck. It's all about multi-use, and the Signature Woven is built for work, or play. 

4. What's Summer Without a Hat?

Tall Men's Apparel

No matter what part of the country you're in, during the summer months you gotta protect your dome. This year we took it one step further. We created a hat that is fit for any summer adventure. Get tossed into the pool? No worries, this hat is water proof. Wanna take a dip in the lake following a hike? Just go for it. Just finished playing an epic game of beach volley? Go ahead, take that post game jump in the ocean. This hat will survive. 

Built from nylon, water will repel the liquid elements it encounters. That even includes spilt beer (we tested it). Part of our Northbound Collection, the hat features a 3 inch waterproof woven patch with custom branded inner tape lining, and a branded label on the snapback. 

So there you have it. If you're a tall guy and in need of some tall men's clothing for the summer adventures that you have planned, we got you covered. We're also working on a tall tank top for guys and are aiming to launch that new product very soon. Stay tuned for that item. 

Save some dough this summer on the latest tall men's clothing during our annual Summer Sale! Save 25% off all new items on the shop going on now through 6/1/2021 by using code: SUMMER at checkout.  

Tall Men's Clothing Summer Sale

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