Fall Fashion for Tall Men: Casual Dressing Guide

When it comes to the world of men’s fashion, most guys would rather stick to what they know than adopt new styles and trends. For tall men, finding clothes that are both stylish and have the proper fit is even more daunting, as most clothing brands cater specifically to “average” guys. As you already know, you’re not an average guy—you’re much taller, so let Heights Apparel be the clothing company that helps you navigate the upcoming fall fashion scene with ease. Here are a few fall fashion tips for tall men you can try.

Layers to Add Dimension

When the leaves begin to change and the weather becomes unpredictable, additional clothing layers should be worn. These layers allow for enhanced practicality and an increased style that will elevate your overall look. In terms of practicality, taller men already stand out of the masses, which is why simply wearing a large jacket or overcoat is not recommended, as you will appear even larger. Instead, keep yourself warm while appearing slim. How? Incorporate multiple thin layers of clothing, such as a woven shirt with a vest or sweater, and a scarf for added warmth. These layers will not only be comfortable but also more stylish, as the possibilities for customization are endless. 

Warm Colors to Usher in Autumn

Casual dressing for men in the fall months is all about deep, warm colors to complement the Autumn foliage. Navy, burnt orange, brown, dark green, and burgundy are all excellent choices for layering. However, we recommend that guys stick to mostly solid-colored pieces when layering, rather than alternating designs that may conflict with one another. Don’t worry, though, as the right colors layered together can allow for interesting and eye-catching patterns—without any actual prints or patterns involved. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Textures and Patterns

If you’re adventurous, though, men’s fall fashion is also an opportunity to mix textures and patterns to achieve truly unique looks. However, you have to tread carefully. We recommended not to mix alternating designs, but rather layer several solids of different fabrics with one vibrant pattern as a statement piece. For example, tweed, suedes, woolen knits, and corduroys can look fantastic when properly layered over a flannel. As an added bonus to the stylish look that you create by mixing textures and patterns, multiple layers of alternate types can also divert attention from your tall stature. Try incorporating pieces of different lengths, such as a waist-length sweater with a longer overcoat. The visual variation will break up the appearance of a very long torso. 

Brown Leather Shoes

When one thinks of stylish apparel, they typically do not imagine plain brown shoes. However, for men’s fall fashion, brown leather shoes are the perfect choice for tying together a stylish and in-season look. As the color brown matches with nearly every other color, the possibilities for outfit combinations are infinite. Casual outfits for men are not supposed to be complex and nerve-racking, so, by including a piece as simple as solid brown shoes into your outfit, you will appear effortlessly stylish while keeping your ultimate look simple and easy. 

Heights Apparel Offers Solutions

For too long, tall guys have been marginalized by clothing companies that cater only to average-sized individuals. As a result, they have been forced to buy clothes in sizes that are simply too big in order to achieve an adequate length. With this in mind, Heights Apparel created a solution by supplying clothes for tall guys only. If you are of above-average height and are tired of buying clothes that do not fit, please see our full inventory of clothes on our website.  

Get the clothing your tall body has been dreaming of. Shop American-made, small batch clothing for tall guys with Heights Apparel!
Fall Fashion for Tall Men: Casual Dressing Guide


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