5 Tips to Dressing Less Lame This Holiday Party Season

You’ve ordered all your gifts online, CHECK.  You’ve got your plane or train tickets for home, CHECK. You’re feeling on top of your holiday game this year. Well, you were until you opened your email and there it was…that one party Model walking showcasing what to wear to a holiday partyinvitation with the three little words that gave you a case of the sweats…Dress Code: Casual.  What does that mean? You open your closet and stare at your casual. You’re pretty sure it’s not what they meant.  Relax. Having style doesn’t mean you need to morph into a younger Don Draper to look good.  You don’t need a lot of clothes. You just need the right clothes. Whether it’s a family affair, a get-together with friends, or a corporate work function, whatever your style, you can still be casually dressed and nail the fashion trifecta everyone strives for:

  • Feeling confident.
  • Feeling comfortable.
  • Looking good.

 In the past, “smart clothing,” meant more formal. Guess what?  Rules are meant to be broken. The perfect tall men’s shirt and a great pair of pants can look smart without being fancy.  

Tall male model posing in nice clothing

Here’s how:

  1. It’s all about the fit.  Anything unintentionally short or baggy will diminish your confidence and subtract some cool guy points. Make sure you’re wearing the correct size for your body type. Whether it is button-down or polo, your shirt collar should frame your face. A quick test for fit is that you should be able to put a finger between the buttoned collar and your neck.  Too tight will feel uncomfortable. Too lose will look sloppy.
  2. Avoid low-rise pants.  This can be a tall order (we couldn’t resist the pun) if shopping in the regular guys section because the average pants rise can seem lower on a taller man. Look for a pair of great jeans or slacks that are made expressly for tall, slim guys. If you like the pants, buy two pairs, it’s worth it.
  3. Add layers for depth and dimension.  Tall, thin guys have the advantage of not needing to hide some extra bulk or thickness.  Don’t be afraid to rock a vest over a great fitting tee shirt. Using a combination of textures can bring out your playful, laid back side and break up the fabric and make you appear more proportionate.Two male models showing what to wear for holiday party
  4. If you’re wearing a jacket, make sure it is the correct length for you and fits properly in the sleeves and shoulders.  If not, you will look like you borrowed someone else’s clothes. Go for a two-button jacket. If you’ve got that one three-button jacket and you’re sticking with it, leave the bottom one unbuttoned.
  5. Have fun with your dress choice. If it's a slightly fancy evening party, pair a great button-down shirt with a velvet blazer (yes, velvet) in an unexpected color. For your girlfriend’s bestie’s soiree, wear a pair of well fitted corduroys with an open collar shirt.  If you're hanging out with friends for a holiday drink, you can rock some dark denim and an Oxford shirt over a great (Thrasher) tee. You can go lighter with the shoes for a bit of contrast.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, be your confident self. Stride into the room knowing you look good and that will make you feel good.  Remember good style never goes out of fashion. Treat yourself this holiday to some great casual, tall clothing. Start building the basics: Tees, Polos, Button downs, one great casual jacket that fits great, a couple vests, and a pair of proportioned dark denim jeans, pair them with your current favorites in a way that brings balance and pleases the eye.  You’ll be ahead of the game for next year.

 Happy Holidays!

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