Dressing For Your Body Type [Tall Guy Tips]

The quality of a good look is measured by the combination of a good outfit that fits your body type. Some clothes actually have the ability to distort your overall appearance where they are not properly worn.

Often, we see people looking all shades of nice but there will seem to be something off about their outfits, something you can’t place your fingers on. You want to look comfortable and at your best all the time which is why it is important to dress for your body type. Since there are limited options out there, finding quality shirts for tall guys can be a challenge. With a growing amount of options out there for shirts, pants and jeans appears to be a key challenge for tall guys everywhere. Regardless if you’re wearing tall clothing or normal sized options, there are general dos and don’ts of getting dressed. 

It is really not that difficult to come up with a combination of clothes that fits your body type; whether you are tall or muscular, all you need is a healthy dose of “knowledge” of your kind of body type and a magical twirl of the perfect outfit wand and voila! Your appearance becomes heavenly like you were born in it!

Over the years, this particular category of people might have experienced some difficulties shopping and really enjoying casual wears. Yes, your guess is correct, tall guys! In actual fact, every guy wants to be tall and being tall shouldn’t be a problem but there is the gross misconception that you cannot enjoy casual wears if you are tall.

Let your worries fade away, you can enjoy a wide variety of casual outfits as a tall man once you know how to dress for your body type and this post will sure show you how!

Tips to enjoying your casual wears as a tall guy

We have established that yes you can enjoy casual wears irrespective or in fact particularly because of the fact that you are tall so here are a few tips that can aid you all the way!

  • Always go for a close fit in your choices, there is nothing more “annoying” than seeing a tall man in ill-fitting clothes. Your height is a blessing, something some people wish for daily! The best way to achieve this is by getting a custom tailor, someone who understands your body type and is ever willing to help you achieve your fashion goals; get custom shirts with long tails, that fits you perfectly.
  • For a casual outing with friends go for plain jeans or chinos which you can match perfectly with a t shirt and a jacket, you can also alternate between wearing a casual button down folded all the way up to the arm on chinos and a matching suede shoes or a simple track joggers closely fit to show the appeal of your long legs.
  • To switch things up, try a casual blazer, denim jacket or a hoodie; this brings attention to your upper body and accentuates your height. Accessories should be the least of your concerns but if you must, opt for simple accessories, go for large bulky wrist watches because of the large wrists that come with your body type.
  • Try to avoid vertical stripes like a plague; it gives an uncanny taller look, like a giraffe. If you have long legs, avoid shorts that reveal your long knees, it just gives an impression of a palm tree swaying to the rhythm of the wind.

To dress for your body type is really not difficult, adhere to the rules and you will be safe! Kindly do away from over-sized clothing as it really does not help your height, no, don’t do the baggy trend. It’s actually not all that difficult to get dressier types of shirts in tall sizes these days, however it is more difficult to find lifestyle wear for tall guys to accommodate the needs. Get a healthy dose of confidence by dressing for your body type today!

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