4 Things that Only Tall Men Can Get Away With

Being tall can have its disadvantages in some areas, such as squeezing through shorter doorways and struggling to find clothes that fit in a normal store. On the other hand, being tall can also have huge advantages. In fact, there are some things that tall men can often get away with that other people may not be able to. Continue reading to find out some fun facts on what you may be able to get away with as a tall man. 

Tall Men Often Have the Sports Advantage


Realistically, tall people tend to have the advantage over short people in many types of sports. In a basketball game of tall vs. short people, we likely know the outcome, provided the players are of similar skill. If you really wanted to turn it up on them, the tall people could even throw in a couple of dunks, all in good sport of course. This extends far beyond basketball as well, as being tall brings increased visibility, extended reach, and often a higher jump, all of which can be used in numerous sports or other physical activities. 

Long Coats Just Look Better


Fashion-wise, tall men are often the only ones who can pull off longer coats. Their height allows them to wear a long coat and look great. Whether it be a light fall or thicker winter coat, tall men just wear them better. For short people, long coats tend to end up too far near their feet to where they are almost tripping on them. 


Storing Items High Up


This is the classic example you see in TV shows, in which shorter people are climbing on top of counters or stools just to reach a higher cupboard or on top of the refrigerator. Taller people, on the other hand, can store things virtually where they want and still see what is up there and reach it with ease. 

A Holiday for Tall People?


This one is tossed in here for fun, but tall people technically have their own holiday, at least according to a large Facebook group. There is a holiday called “International Hug a Tall Person Day,” which takes place on February 11th. So, be sure to embrace this holiday and get all of the hugs you deserve from friends and family!

Having a Hard Time Finding Stylish Clothes for Tall Men?


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