5 Fun, Interesting Psychological Facts About Tall Men

There are some obvious ways that height impacts our lives. Tall people can reach things that are high up more easily than their shorter peers. They also have a harder time fitting into beds and cars. Then there are also some less obvious ways that we are impacted by height. 

Did you know that researchers have found some unique psychological trends among taller members of the population? It turns out that height can influence the way we interact with the world psychologically as well as physically. Here are some fun and interesting psychological facts about tall men you may not have known.

5 Fun, Interesting Psychological Facts About Tall Men

Drawn to Creative Outlets

Being tall can be a double-edged sword. People tend to look up (literally and figuratively) to tall people because of their impressive stature. While this has its advantages, it can leave some tall guys feeling overlooked sometimes. This feeling can lead to a desire to be appreciated for more than just being tall. 

A lot of tall guys pursue creative or artistic professions because of this. Artistic pursuits enable tall guys to be recognized for their inner qualities and not just their appearance. Some famous tall artists include Dwayne Johnson, Snoop Dogg, Conan O'Brien, and comedian Bo Burnham. 

5 Fun, Interesting Psychological Facts About Tall Men

Perceived as Leaders

It is common for tall men to be perceived as leaders simply because of their height. This is because others naturally tend to look at tall people as authoritative. Tall men often assume high-ranking leadership roles in business and government. 

In case you are wondering, the tallest U.S. President in history was Abraham Lincoln, at 6’4”. George Washington also stood at an impressive 6’2”, which would have made him an imposing figure in the 18th century.

More Confident

Just as others perceive tall people as leaders, tall people themselves tend to feel more confident in social situations. This is not universally true, of course. But as a general trend, tall individuals tend to display more confidence than others. Because we tend to associate height with power, tall people tend to be more comfortable around others. It’s not that tall people are superior to short people, it’s just that they have an easier time feeling relaxed. This might also go hand-in-hand with the tendency for tall guys to pursue creative outlets.

Tall Men Often Try to be Kinder

One of the unfortunate facts about being tall is that you might inadvertently be perceived as imposing. We have already talked about the different ways tall people are perceived by themselves and others. One of the drawbacks of the psychological perception of tall people is that height can be intimidating. In an effort to avoid being perceived as aggressive, many tall people work to be kind and gentle around others. While the perception might be unfair, it is certainly not a bad thing to practice as much kindness as possible no matter who you are!

Slower Reflexes

Last but not least, did you know that tall people actually have (very) slightly slower reflexes than their shorter peers? This is because it actually takes a bit longer for signals to travel through the nervous system in tall people. The bodily reactions which control our reflexes happen so fast we can barely perceive them. Despite this, they are still physical reactions that take time to deliver. So the longer your limbs, the longer it will take to receive the message. The difference is almost imperceptible, but it still exists!

5 Fun, Interesting Psychological Facts About Tall Men

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5 Fun, Interesting Psychological Facts About Tall Men

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