The Tall Guy’s Guide to Vacation Packing

Image of travel necessities including jacket, boots, map, camera, backpack, compass

As Will Smith rap/sang back in the day…July is definitely summer, summer, summertime…Time to sit back and unwind… Or maybe it’s time to pack up and head for a holiday! This is one of the best times of the year. Depending on where you live the tourists are either out full force, or the streets are emptier because it is so hot and everyone else has already packed up and headed out of town. So what’s stopping you? Staycation or vacation, we’ve got you covered. 

Below are the tips you will need to pack well and enjoy your summer vacation. Sometime packing clothes for a tall guy can be a bit of a challenge. The amount of clothes you bring are based upon the number of days you’re gone and whether you can effectively mix and match the clothes. 

Packing List – Necessary evil

If you’re like most guys, you’re probably guilty of one of these: you usually either pack too much and then wear the same outfit all week because nothing matches or you don’t pack enough and have to wear chino shorts with your retro boat shoes or flip flops to a fancy restaurant.  A good packing list will help you avoid that dilemma.



Before you start packing, make sure that you pick the right bag for you to use.  There is a good bet that as a tall guy, you have longer feet. You want to make sure you choose a bag that will accommodate your shoes, sandals and all your tall clothing. 



Suitcase/backpack/luggage - Pick the one that works for you based upon the length of your vacation.

Day Bag

Grab a backpack or sturdy canvas bag to store your camera case, snacks and whatever essentials you won’t want to buy or return to your room to retrieve, once you get to your destination. 

Pack wrinkle-resistant travel clothes

Choose fabrics that travel well and can help you avoid having to iron.  Bring good quality synthetics that breathe or repel sweat, as well as soft cotton fabrics. 

Roll clothes instead of folding them

One of the great things about needing that extra shirt length, is that you can effectively roll your pants, socks, and underwear together, and place your shirt around them to create neat, orderly clothing “packages,” that will fit well in your bag. Make one package for each day you’ll be gone.

Packing Cubes

Use large packing cubes to organize your shoes and sandals together.  Keep one for dirty laundry. 

Boarding pass and passport


  • Passport if international travel.
  • Enhanced driver’s license if your state requires it.
  • Medications
  • Vitamins
  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shaving items, hairbrush.
  • Doppler Bag
  • Print outs of any reservations (in case you lose your phone).
  • Medical ID card
  • Headphones/music
  • Electronic chargers


  • Good sturdy flip flops.
  • Your version of a dress shoe. 
  • Running shoes if you work out or plan to do a lot of walking.


Jeans in a dark denim can be dressed up or down.  The key is to make sure they fit your frame and body size well.

Chino shorts in a bright fun color.  Make sure you wear a neutral colored top.

Jorts if you dare.  Make sure they’re not too long and wear them with a polo shirt or button-down.

Swim shorts that hit a few inches above the knee.  Nothing too baggy or skimpy.

Pajamas so you can relax and be comfortable.

Bring lots of shirts

Well-fitted cotton tees that are comfortable, lightweight and quick drying if you need to hand wash.

  • Horizontal stripes to broaden the chest.
  • Graphic tees for casual fun.
  • Sweater to layer for cooler evenings.
  • Checkered or plaid shirts and tees
  • Polos
  • White button-down for dressier moments.


  • Nylon windbreaker.
  • Jacket/Blazer if you’re going to hit a fancy spot or party.  Make sure it fits well in the shoulders and length. 


  • Sunglasses (your favorite inexpensive ones)
  • Hat 
  • Watch
  • Belts 

Us guys in general typically don't put much thought into packing for trips. This comprehensive guide can help ease the burden. Adapt it for the type of trip you're going on. The most important thing that you can bring is your sense of humor in case the unexpected happens.  Whatever you do, have fun!

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