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What's Your Tall Size?

How do you size up with Heights?

We understand that most guys do not fully know what it feels like to shop for apparel specifically designed for a tall guy. 

Keep in mind that with tall guys, the variances of what makes a person vary widely. Some have long legs with a short torso, others have shorter legs with a longer torso. We put together these personas in an effort to help you determine the best size for you.

Tall enough

Jeff is 6’3’’ 190lbs, his longer torso has been a particular pain point when shopping for shirts. Jeff typically settles for a Large sized shirt when out shopping, often leaving him with an oversize look and feel.

With Heights, Jeff’s 6’3’’ slim frame fits perfectly with our Medium-Tall t-shirt. The added shirt length covers his torso with plenty of room to allow for shrinkage overtime. No more shirts becoming belly shirts!

Our MT shirts are great for the 6’2’’ to 6’4’’ inch guys that prefer a slim or tailored cut of shirt.


Tall doesn't mean Big AND Tall

Matt is 6’8’’ and 205lbs. Finding shirts that have the length for his height has always been the an issue. Matt typically had to purchase an XL or larger to get the length he needs. Matt wears our Large-Tall shirts and has plenty of length he needs without having to resort to an oversize shirt to get it. Our Large-Tall is cut with a tailored feel in the chest with ample room in the arms as well.

The LT shirts are great for guy that are 6’5’’ to 6’9’’ that like the slim and tailored cut to their shirts.



The big presence 

Leo is 6’10’’ and is 235lbs, while tall Leo is built more broadly than most. He not only needs the length of a tall size but also some breathing room in the arms and chest. Leo loves the Heights XL-Tall for this reason. The XLT is perfect for the tall guy that is a bit more broad in the chest than a slimmer tall male. He has the length needed, but the room in the chest and arms that he cannot find in a typical XL.

Our XLT is ideal for guys that are 6’6’’ to 6’10’’+ and require a little more width in the chest.

We will offer Small Tall and XX-Large Tall down the road. We'll provide personas when we release these sizes in our offerings.



SS T-Shirts

Measurement Small Tall Medium Tall Large Tall XLarge Tall XXLarge Tall
Front Length 31 31.5 32 32.5 33
Chest 38.25 40.25 42.25 44.25 45.25