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Shirts For Tall Guys


Mock Ups for the upcoming Heights Basic T-Shirt

*Note: These images are mock ups of the actual shirt to be manufactured. There may be a slight variance in the actual color of the shirt.

The shirts will be manufactured in the following sizes: Medium-Tall, Large-Tall, and Extra Large-Tall.


blue t-shirt

Color: Stellar

white t-shirt

Color: White

blue-grey t-shirt

Color: Heather Lake

green t-shirt

Color: Moss

black t-shirt

Color: Black


We are excited to announce that we will be heading into production on the Heights Basic T-shirt in January 2019! It's been a long road to get to production, but we have dedicated the time to constructing the best possible shirt specifically designed for tall guys 6'3'' to 7'+. 

Height Apparel was founded on the very notion that clothing and style for tall guys should no longer be a problem. From trendy button ups to the basic crew neck t-shirt, we aim to provide high quality apparel for the tall guys world

palm trees and blue sky


Finding a shirt for tall guys is like searching for a needle in a haystack. There is no worse feeling than finding that golden unicorn shirt at the store, only for it to come up short (quite literally) in overall length or sleeve length. 

Painstaking detail has been taken in crafting the design and pattern for our upcoming Long-sleeved Button Up shirt. We have taken months of research examining several items currently on the market, doing Q & A sessions with tall guys on fit then building out our own size chart from scratch to match the needs of today's tall guy. 

This is no copy and paste formula in crafting our designs. We have built our patterns from scratch. This is where the investment has been made. We know that no amount of marketing will matter if we don't produce a quality piece of apparel to provide our customers.

blue t-shirt hanging on hanger

 We are hard at work, crafting the best fitting   and most comfortable t-shirt possible right   now. Our goal is to release our a line of plain t-   shirts as well as some logo graphic T's and   some hats to get things started. Soon to follow   will be a long sleeved button up. 

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Tell us your tall story. Shoot us an email with your experiences looking for clothing that fit your size.

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