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  • Five Summer Style Trends For Tall Guys

    You've made it! The world is coming out of not only a pandemic, but also winter. You've worked hard to shed that pandemic 15 (or most of it at least) and the typical winter weight. Now it's time to get that beach and pool look on point, but you have no clue what the summer style trends for tall guys are in 2021.
  • Summer 2021 Tall Men's Clothing

    When you're a tall guy finding clothing to fit your body is difficult enough. When it comes to finding high quality, casual tall men's clothing, well that can be a tough task. So check out the latest tall men styles we've dropped the past few weeks that will surely your look to the next level.
  • A New Year For Tall Men’s Apparel

    When I started this tall men’s apparel line a couple of years ago, I definitely had some idea of what I was getting into but in reality, I had no idea what this journey would be like. So here are my goals for Heights. Help me stay accountable so Heights can grow and be the best tall men's apparel brand.
  • Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Dating Someone Tall?

    The quick explanation why everyone is obsessed with dating someone tall is that, tall men are considered sexier, powerful and usually the more desirable male in relationships—unless of course the guy is tall because he is standing on his wallet. That’s a different story.
  • Tall Men In Hollywood

    Being a tall guy (over 6’) in Hollywood can surprisingly limit your shot at being a leading man. Being a tall guy can lead to being typecast as the shady henchman or perpetual antagonist if you tower over your leading lady and cast mates —unless you’re one of the lucky guys below. If you’ve ever wondered who your celebrity height twin is, here is a partial listing of a few of our favorite Hollywood tall guys. 
  • 3 Workout Tips for Tall Guys

    The gym might be the one place where height isn’t an advantage and where shorter guys wear the crown.  It’s not that we tall, (thin) guys don’t hit the gym and aren’t interested in body building, it breaks down to science. If you have long legs and arms, you usually don’t fit the typical gym machines well. Read on to learn these tips.
  • The Five Best Cars and SUVs for Tall People

    We know that being tall has its advantages. We’re not trying to be greedy in the admiration department but we want to look good driving too. Read on, if you desire a good looking car or SUV with balanced leg room, headroom, comfortable reach to the steering wheel and an interior to truly accommodate your size.
  • Our Spin On Classic Blue

    In case you missed it, Pantone announced their color of 2020 and we couldn't be happier about their choice: Classic Blue.  "We are living in a ti...
  • Make It Happen: A Heights Apparel Video Series

    At Heights Apparel, we are more than designing clothing for tall guys. Our motto is Make It Happen. It’s very personal to us yet applies to so ma...
  • The Heights Gift Guide

    The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to get serious about holiday shopping. If you’re like me, I try to avoid the mall at all costs this time of year. No parking spots, long lines, wall-to-wall people…does it get any worse? 

    Instead of letting that damper our holiday spirit, we have scoured the web to bring you the first annual Heights Gift Guide and ultimately make online shopping easier for you! 

  • The Iconic White T-Shirt

    The t-shirt has evolved over the years but one thing has remained true, everyone needs a good, well-fitting white t-shirt in their closet. Enter Scott Warren, 6’7, tall, slim guy who spent his entire life struggling to find clothes that fit his long and lean body type, including the staple tee.

    Scott set out to design the best t-shirt on the market for guys 6’3 and taller and through rounds of sampling, custom patterns and a lot of trial and error, the Heights Signature Tall T-Shirt was born, the first product that ultimately launched the Heights Apparel brand.


  • The Tall Guy’s Guide to Vacation Packing

    As Will Smith rap/sang back in the day…July is definitely summer, summer, summertime…Time to sit back and unwind… Or maybe it’s time to pack up and head for a holiday!

    Sometime packing clothes for a tall guy can be a bit of a challenge. The amount of clothes you bring are based upon the number of days you’re gone and whether you can effectively mix and match the clothes. Read more if you want tips to help you pack well and enjoy your summer vacation.