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White Heights graphic t-shirt with diagram showing different measurements for creating the perfect tall guy shirt

The Quest For The Best Tall Guy T-shirt [UPDATE]

For many years I complained about brands not making their shirts long enough, or slim enough, or this and that. As I have traveled on my own apparel journey, I have come to find out it is much more difficult. I could even argue, it is especially difficult when designing apparel for tall guys.
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How to Dress Well When You’re Tall and Thin

Many tall and skinny guys look like they are swimming in their clothes because they wear clothes too loose for their frame. When you have a certain height, you need to be extra careful about what you choose to dress.
Nicely dressed tall guy with peacoat and scarf

Dressing For Your Body Type [Tall Guy Tips]

The quality of a good look is measured by the combination of a good outfit that fits your body type. Some clothes actually have the ability to distort your overall appearance where they are not properly worn.
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Tall Guy Clothing - The Birth of an Idea

We are tall, we make clothing for tall guys. This is our story.