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  • Why Environmental Enthusiasts Love Lyocell Clothes

    As sustainable fashion becomes more popular and available for consumers globally, brands are working hard to find fabrics and materials that are better for the environment while also providing the quality in clothing that shoppers have come to expect from their favorite brands.

    That’s how we discovered Lyocell. Here’s why we’re so excited about this fabric and why environmental enthusiasts are, too.

  • Five Style Rules for Tall, Thin Guys

    Over the years, I’ve learned important style tips that I’m happy to share with you now because I understand your plight. Trust me, the suffering is over. You can find the right fit, the right style.  Here is how to do it.
  • Why We Love Lyocell and You Should Too

    In our quest to design and create the best tall slim cut t-shirt, we combed through sample after sample of fabric before ultimately deciding on the best option for our Heights Apparel Premium T-shirts.