5 Life Hacks that Every Tall Person Should Know

50 tall people problems you'll know all too well if you're tall


Life isn’t always easy for tall people. Having height on your side has its advantages, but there are also some disadvantages. To combat the everyday struggles of being tall, here are some fun life hacks that every tall person should know about.

5 Life Hacks that Every Tall Person Should Know

Adjustable Shower Heads

One of the biggest hassles facing tall people is the daily struggle brought on by showers. What is supposed to be a routine part of daily hygiene becomes a painful, stressful exercise. Most showers are not designed for tall people, and shower heads are almost always too low. This leads to many tall people crouching down and contorting themselves to get the water they need.

Thankfully, adjustable shower heads are here to save the day. Adjustable shower heads make one of the best life hacks because they allow more room and freedom in the shower. A detachable hose gives you the most flexibility if you want to detach and reattach your shower head. But any adjustable shower head that lets you raise its height level is a great life hack for tall people.

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Padded Door Frames

Any tall person knows that ducking down when entering a new room is just a fact of life. No one wants to bump their head on a wooden door frame. It hurts. A very simple way to minimize that risk is to cushion the door frames around your house. If your door frames are too low for you, a layer of foam, cloth, or any soft material can work wonders. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing look, but it will save you from many headaches over time. Literally.

5 Life Hacks that Every Tall Person Should Know

… and Ceiling Fans

Hopefully, ceiling fans are less of an issue than low-hanging door frames. But a low-hanging ceiling fan is no joke. It can pose a serious injury risk to tall people. If you have a low ceiling fan and removing it is not an option, consider padding it for your safety.

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Bed Modifications

Sleep is supposed to be comfortable. But many tall people might not be aware of this fact. Most beds simply are not long enough to contain a tall person’s height. Tall folks are forced to choose between dangling their legs over the edge of the mattress or uncomfortably scrunching up. If a good night’s sleep eludes you, life hacks for your bed could make a huge difference for you.

One option is to go with a king-sized bed. But a standard king bed is more wide than it is long. If you need length, California King provides the length tall guys need so your feet are not hanging off. There are even other types of king beds you may not even knew existed (Texas King, Wyoming King etc). However, king beds are a lot of mattress, and not everyone has the need or the space for that. Another option is to customize your bed. Separate headboards and footboards can give you a bit more space at either end of the bed. It’s best to avoid raised footboards altogether, as they can be awfully restrictive to tall people.

To add a little vertical height, consider raising your bed as well. This may not impact your sleep comfort as much, but it will make getting in and out of bed easier for you.


5 Life Hacks that Every Tall Person Should Know

Clothes for Tall People

One of the most universal problems facing tall people is finding clothes that actually fit. It can be hard to find tall-sized clothing, and not every large item is designed for your body type. Knowing where to look and what to look for can take all the stress out of clothes shopping. Find brands that design clothes specifically for tall people, rather than just making XL items. When clothes are actually made for a tall frame, they are much more comfortable and attractive.

Heights Apparel is one such clothing company. Heights operates under the belief that tall people are entitled to looking and feeling comfortable and confident in their wardrobe. At Heights, we want tall guys to be able to get excited about their clothes. Check out Heights' website today to see for yourself!


No tall person life hacks needed with Heights Apparel. Our US made tall clothing is designed specifically to fit tall men the way we need.
5 Life Hacks that Every Tall Person Should Know

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