Five Summer Style Trends For Tall Guys

Summer Style Tips For Tall Guys

You've made it! The world is coming out of not only a pandemic, but also winter. You've worked hard to shed that pandemic 15 (or most of it at least) and the typical winter weight. Now it's time to get that beach and pool look on point, but you have no clue what the summer style trends for tall guys are in 2021.

One aspect we've noticed doing our due diligence is that elements from the 90's style is on trend. For all of you that grew up as kids in the 90's, who'd thought that would EVER happen?! 

No worries though, we put together five tips to look for this summer that will not make you look like you're trying too hard to stay on trend but subtle enough to keep your look lit (as the kids say). 


Floral shirts for tall guys

1. Floral prints are still good to go

It looks like the floral print trend is here to stay in 2021. From fast fashion brands, to luxury designers the "vacation shirt" keeps you current. These bold prints are seen all over shirts, shorts and more. 

Just don't overdo it. Keep it to one core piece (ie one shirt or one shorts). You don't want to be walking around looking like your grandma's window curtains. 

Longer Shorts For TalL Guys

2. Longer shorts making a comeback

The day of the super short shorts on guys is on the way out. This season we're seeing more of the high fashion houses bring back the longer length shorts, and that's great for tall guys! The challenge for tall guys with the shorts is the lack of length. Too much visible thigh on a tall guy is just flat out funny looking. 

Cire Hybrid Boardshorts

We recommend checking out the CIRE boardies and hybrid shorts. This brand carries tall friendly board shorts and hybrid shorts that come with a length of 23" to 25", perfect for us long legged fellas that seek a pair of shorts that touches the top of the knee (which is where shorts should fall). We recommend the hybrid boardies, the right fit, length, and perfect for those jumps into the pool to cool off at the neighborhood BBQ. 




Stripe shirts for tall guys

3. Tall guys go with the narrow stripes

The vertical stripe shirt is a hot trend these days. However, if you're a tall guy we don't recommend going with the vertical stripes. The vertical stripe is one of the more commonly known style hack for tall guys. This style is rather unflattering for tall guys, especially tall skinny dudes. We suggest focusing on horizontal stripes that help pull the attention from making you look taller but rather use the horizontal stripes to help give you a more broad looking appearance. 

If you insist on vertical strips, try searching for a stripe pattern with narrow lines, but as mentioned above, it is best to steer away from the vertical lines. 


Mid wash denim for tall guys

4. Mid-wash denim is in, dark wash is out.

When the sun goes down and the the good times shift from the pool (or beach) to the pub or club, consider picking up denim with a mid-wash rather than the typical dark wash. This season the lighter mid-wash is what is trending. 

The great thing about a mid-wash pair of jeans is it's versatility. Unlike the dark wash, which is typically considered best for a put together look, the mid-wash can go both ways. So when you're figuring out what to wear with your mid-wash denim,  you'll be happy to know you have plenty of options.

The mid-wash can be paired with something as simple as a plain white t-shirt, or if you're looking for something a little nicer, a light navy woven shirt works great too. Try pairing this shade of jeans with a pattern but don't over do it. 


Crew Socks For Tall Guys

5. Ditch the no-show and ankle socks

In years past, the look to pair with shorts were some Vans or Chucks with the ankle or no show socks. That has been the trend for a number of years now. However, the all white crew or calf socks are back. 

The crew socks are great for tall guys to adopt because it breaks up the long limbs, which can make the long legs of a tall guy appear visually odd. When paired up with the correct length of short, and the right shirt, using crew socks will give the tall body a total visually appealing look through the human eye. 


Summer style, wear with confidence

There you have it, five quick tall style trends for this summer. It looks like elements from the 90's are evolving with a modern day twist. These five points are just a few that we thought our tall tribe should know about. As always, if you can't feel comfortable and confident with what you're wearing, then don't wear it. There's not sense walking around this summer feeling self conscious about what you're wearing. When it comes to finding rad clothing for tall guys, you know where to look.

Take these tips, incorporate them into your summer adventures and most of all, have fun out there! 


Quit playing the short game with your apparel. Heights has what you need this summer with tall men's clothing designed for your height. 

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