Holiday Gift Guide: 3 Gifts that Tall Guys Love

Gifts are always appreciated, but there is actually a niche type of gift that not many people think of: gifts designed for or appreciated by tall people. There are actually many things that can be very practical gifts for men who are tall. Realistically, there are a lot of subtle inconveniences for tall men, and there are products that can help solve them. This is why we put together the top gifts for guys in your life that they will love. 

tall men's clothing

Tall Men’s Clothing

One of the greatest gifts for men can be clothing that actually fits, but this one has to be done right. It cannot be assumed that an extra large from a normal store will fit, as they often do not account for height or that a tall person might be slim. If clothing is the goal for a gift, then it may be a good idea to get sizing ideas from the person themselves or someone close to them. This will help to ensure that the gift is right the first time. 

Holiday Gift Guide: 3 Gifts that Tall Guys Love

Travel Accessories Gifts for Men

Travel can often be difficult for tall men since it seems like everything is designed for shorter people. Of course, there is nothing that can really be done for the minimized legroom on planes, but there are other products that can help add extra comfort. There are extensions for luggage cases that make it easier to pull them without having to lean over or have them hit their heels. There are also taller neck pillows that can make the plane travel time much more comfortable. 


Holiday Gift Guide: 3 Gifts that Tall Guys Love

Office Chairs for Tall Men

Unfortunately, the combination of increased height and extended office work makes for an increased risk of back pain. This is even more likely if a tall person is working from a less-than-optimal chair. Fortunately, there are some modern office chairs that are designed for tall people, although the selection is quite limited. Two good options are the large size Herman Miller Aeron or the BodyBilt Stretch. Or, if the person receiving the gift generally likes their current chair, other than the height, there are also larger caster wheels that can be added to make it taller. 


Looking for Clothing Christmas Gifts for Men?

If clothing is what you would like to give to the tall man, then we can help. Our goal when creating Heights Apparel was to create a brand that will fit tall men comfortably, while also providing actual fashionable items that look good. Many big-and-tall stores tend to have only basic offerings, but we wanted to offer what you find in a normal store, but in a version that will fit. Browse our site to find the right gift for the tall man in your life and if you have any questions, you can contact us on our Facebook page


Give the gift of tall clothing this year. Win the season with tall men's clothing from Heights Apparel!


Holiday Gift Guide: 3 Gifts that Tall Guys Love

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